REAL LIFE HEROES Caught On Camera !

REAL LIFE HEROES Caught On Camera !
REAL LIFE HEROES Caught On Camera ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Rhian Rhovel says

    Im crying

  2. The Artist Girl :D says

    Me and my sister once almost drowned, I was under the water for at least 9 seconds, I saved my sister and myself. And the worst part once, once I finally got out of the pool, the lifeguard came and told me not to go so close to the deep end.😒

  3. Dak Life says

    Ok that last one ok so that guy who climbed from the bottom floor to the top floor how could those people have not just climbed around instead of making that poor guy climb so high up risking his life

  4. Aykut Dogan says

    I heard that lady cat died and that why she got presents and thats why she got a cat

  5. Aykut Dogan says

    The baby who fell from the sky the window was open and he fell through it I saw on different vidoe

  6. Nate Chatterton says

    We need more videos like this one, thanks Azzy

  7. Koala_cutie🐨 says

    So happy I am crying😂😂😂

  8. Celine Chou says

    Azzy is just so beautiful!!!!

  9. Charlotte playz says

    I saying i love to say is:You cant help everyone but everyone can help someone. like this vid if you agree (Ps i cried on the first

  10. kate urap says

    Azzy plss react to a Gachatuber!

  11. Rona Taylor says

    And azzy if you think your weird im like you so im weird u the best

  12. Tab4 Account says

    I wish everyone was like that the world will be 1000 better

  13. Lacey Brown says

    My great great grandpa lived until 101! But soon he died 😢

  14. Nikki me3 says

    My dog came out of our yard and he was missing for 3 days we eventually found someone who found him and the people who found him said he was stuck in a deep pool of water for probably a day or 2, he was so tired after swimming so long that he couldn't walk for about a week

  15. vipul kapadia says

    Pls pls pls make a video about Harry Potter
    If anyone wants to see Harry Potter video like my comment

  16. Fire .Phoenix says

    this video shows one of the biggest things we have in common: our humanity and the priceless value of every human life.

  17. Linnie Kay says

    I have seen the blind man being helped by his Dad in another AzzyLand video.

  18. Ally Jones says

    Wait u know how the dude climbed to get the baby, DOES THAT MEAN IF U LEAVE UR BALCONY WINDOW OPEN SOMEONE CAN KIDNAP U WHILE UR SLEEPING!?!?

  19. Shreeya Zutshi says

    One time, I had finished a shift at work and was waiting to be picked up. Across the street in the parking lot, I noticed an elderly lady was struggling and getting mad at herself, because she was trying to put bottles into a shopping cart from her car in order to do the bottle return; but her arm crutches kept getting in the way. There seemed to be nobody else around who wanted to help, so I went over to her and helped her out. There were a few bottles that had rolled far too back in the trunk of her car (and she couldn't reach them), and one had rolled under her car. She let me use one of her crutches to get the bottle out from under the car. After that, I helped her into the store where I work and showed her where the bottle return machine was. It made me really happy to help her.

  20. jad touma says

    I love you azzy

  21. Melodic Aura says

    i cried on this video

  22. Amanda Śtale says

    I'm cryng

  23. Addison Howell says

    i have seen the last one in tv and the guy got an award i love you azzy you may not wear a cape but you are a true hero xoxo

  24. jad touma says

    Wow so much Heroes♥️

  25. Peter Enercrantz says

    Me to I also cry 😭 when my brother does

  26. Emily Carlson says

    Please don't like my nather comment or that mean you like that I'm sad …

  27. SofiaSamira Ali says

    Person: walks

    Man hole: I'm about to ruin this mans whole career

  28. Emily Carlson says

    I'm sad … I miss my friend who lives in ed

  29. Jorja Hudson-Smith says

    The dog one and the 100 yr old woman got me the most I’m balling my eyes out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Majikalnight says

    227 people have no souls

  31. toa office says

    Maybe the train whene the train is stuck that person must have a great massage

  32. jenny10099 ajpw says

    My gran ma lived to 102, but she died 3 weeks ago… 💔

  33. Elizabeth Liang says

    This video is making me cry…I love the people like this who help to make this world the best it can be…<3

  34. Moli Khan says

    Azzy please sfx makeup video. 😊

  35. spinal_fluid says

    THIS IS FOR EVERYONE, if you ever fall into a strong current of water, lay on your back but keep your head up or your upper body. This will help you keep above the surface so you don’t drown.

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