RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On!

RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On!
RED Hydrogen One is real. This is your exclusive hands-on with prototypes, straight from RED! Updates since recording: 5.7″ display. Bottom headphone jack …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Explorer says

    Aha MKBHD you moron, you fell for this. You have ZERO eye for stuff that will stick. LAME. Downvoted of course.

  2. Joakim Mathisen says

    Does it come with a screen?

  3. K-oz Dragon says

    Let me tell you everything about this phone… Except the one thing you want to know HOW THE HOLOGRAM FUCKING WORKS!!!

  4. Nunziante Tiberio says

    Che solata

  5. Divyansh Soni says

    Who is here after MKBHD's video of the actual released phone?

  6. Nicklas Jacobsen says

    Whos Here When The Final Product Is Released

  7. Romeo Gallardo says

    Can't believe this phone is worth $1295 smh, now look what you did Apple smh

  8. Henning Gu says

    Over a year later:

    This phone flopped. Unless the modules are so overwhelmingly good that they justify the hype.

  9. Ryan Ewing says

    This makes me instantly look at my iPhone in disgust

  10. Mikee Diaz says

    saw this from an ad and wanted to see what the fuss is about

  11. Adam Zhou says

    "just a prototype" "it will get better" nope lol

  12. Opick Hidayato says

    "uww yeahh this really goood",
    "i like it,"
    "this is very revolutionary!!!"
    naaah, i wonder how much Marq got paid by just praising ugly gimmicky phone? 1 Million?

  13. lukeify says

    This video did not age well lol

  14. joetylerdale says

    Yawnnnn…… Soooo, this was like you telling me about a car that flies and not showing it happening?

  15. Cameron Smith says

    Just saw a commercial for this phone on tv, this phone is taking off 🎊

  16. Emerald Lx says

    And the plus 1 copy the iPhone 7 Plus any harder wow that’s a disgrace . Look at the antenna bars on the top and bottom and the camera lay out .

  17. Emerald Lx says

    It’s false advertising. That phone is bull shit , Wait and see .

  18. Mafr0 says

    Now that's a camera bump I can deal with!

  19. Ronald Williams says

    How much

  20. Σigma says

    RED Hydrogen is fraud, every phone is holographic if you make a program code to use the acceloerometer for holographic display.
    RED Hydrogen is bullshit because they are advertising the holographic display as volumetric display.
    Fuck those fraudulent liars.

  21. Charles Meaux says

    This phone is a joke. It didn't come with a real screen but I got a "proto type second phone" with the screen, but I can't show you that either but it came with "pre-loaded content just for it.. I'm sick of red and the BS hype around this.

  22. Massive Passive says

    who's here because of nyjah?

  23. Tyler Durden says

    That phone is going to be so stupid expensive that no one’s really going to buy it. Grips are useless because anybody who can afford it will put a case on it to protect their flash in the pan show piece….

  24. Robert Eli says

    Clickbait to just show a shitty reaction? Smh

  25. Jesse Mitchell says

    He’s basically telling us information we already knew you can fill a phone until it’s metal that’s not what we’re wanting to know where wanted to see what the holographic 3-D image looks like on the screen and if you could switch it from holographic 3-D to 3-D to 2-d

  26. Jesse Mitchell says

    Blah blah blah ..! What does the holographic projection look like ..?

  27. OX ikwid says

    Just open this fucking phone and shut up

  28. aaronseeker says

    I want this phone.

  29. Jonathan Trevino says

    Does it have interchangeable lenses? Manual exposure functions? Fit on a stabilizer and tripod? Shoot in 4K? Shutter angle and color temp settings? In what way is this a RED product beside the look and name?

  30. vinod shrimanwar says

    which processer in use this device

  31. Saud Alkadi says

    came here after the cat photo! damn those details!

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