Regular People Try Pinterest Projects

Regular People Try Pinterest Projects
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  1. Would you rather

    Pinterest or 5-Minute Crafts

  2. Whitney Grace says


  3. Sahalie Nelson says

    Yes! I did the heart knot looking at the picture out of yarn

  4. Martina says

    Why are my earbuds in the thumbnail?

  5. a n n i e says

    I think u forgot the spray for the cookie

  6. M L says

    Look At The Top Left Corner 0:01

  7. Dr Anil Kumar CS says

    "EASY" DIYs😂
    I always knew these r hard actually I never even tried to do them but….Ya that's cause I think they r hard

  8. Jane Driggs says

    Aren’t we all regular people??

  9. MrsGamingQueen YT says

    1:14 looks good gurl

  10. happy 01 says

    You're supposed to take off the paper from the crayons……

  11. blurry lester says

    Don't cry, CrAfT

  12. arshad Ali says

    Dave looks like Bucky

  13. raul frank says

    it's easy. I make all this things.

  14. Lexa says

    thumbnail- well thats a nice way to say "i love you"

  15. I’m Shook says

    What happened to regular snacks

  16. nadia waffles12 says


  17. T-raa says

    The guy is just trying to make himself look as bad as possible

  18. Catch Me That Ice cream says

    I got a ad with John cen a in it XD sorry I'm weird

  19. Rosie K says

    cry or craft

  20. Worm String says

    1:25 I feel like she copied 🤔

  21. VigaUnicorn says

    A commercial came on whit denis and BarbarQ

  22. LoveToKnowledge Yes! says

    I'm laughing so hard right now.

  23. V e n u s says

    I think Witteny (I hope I spelled that right) did the best

  24. becky mccready xo says

    I feel like if that guy tightened his 'knot heart' together it wouldn't look that bad

  25. Margarita Kulyapina says

    I tried doing that rope knot over the thumbnail. You just have to tighten it very slowly so that the rope doesn't get flipped.

  26. Tory_hb says

    In my art class, everyone does the crayon one all the time(im in middle school and when we have extra time, free projects, or they just just do it as part of their projects) we are almost totally out of crayons!😂😂😂

  27. There_are_no_gods_here says

    How do you fail these

  28. Alex Faith OwO says

    Do you even Pinterest bro?!

  29. Action Cat says

    The heart knot is actually really easy though.

  30. I think I'm a meme says

    I can do the knot one I just studied the picture for a few minutes and bam all ready know how to do it!

  31. Loopy says

    The crayon one my Aunt when she was 12 she made it better

  32. cuervus says

    i love how it says "regular people" because we all know there's aliens in Pinterest

  33. Sinclaire H says

    how is this possible for anybody to do?

  34. Artistic Lion says

    Celtic heart is quite easy

  35. L L says

    DIYs they might look easy, but really be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life

  36. Wolfy!!!!! :D says

    hi 🙂

  37. greywolf125 says

    I think the crayon art is amazing. I'll try it!

  38. Devon Rose says

    The Phandom has just INVADED this video comment section. Why not? After all, don't cry, craft.

  39. Sarah says

    I feel like with the crayons it's just a waste of crayons

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