Restaurant Vs Homemade: Cheesy Potatoes (Aligot)

Restaurant Vs Homemade: Cheesy Potatoes (Aligot)
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  1. L says

    It's easy yeah right I watched Andrew and Nicki had such a hard time on it

  2. Jess Atreides says

    Can we change the heavy cream into fresh milk?

    I'm curious.

  3. Mee Yuh says

    I tried it…and I just made cheesy mashed potato 😂😂😂😂

  4. Thanujan Thavaratnam says

    What does swiss cheese classify as? Anyone got any other recommendations?

  5. Patrick Jacquet says

    what is this swiss cheese sacrilege ?

  6. Tex Rexy says

    That doesn't looks right…the consistency

  7. blackmail boi says

    Vid: It's easy!
    Niki & Andrew: X to doubt

  8. Tom Cottrell says

    Alix: SPATULA
    Andrew and Niki: ‘WA-PADDLE’

    👇 like if you saw Andrew say that on the eating your feed video

  9. Humble says


    Andrew and Niki attempted but failed

  10. ivy parham says

    I feel like I would choke if I tried to eat that.

  11. Hoihoi43 Jojojo34 says

    There should be a video were tasty producers try to make other tasty producers’ dishes

  12. Little Burfie says

    It looks like slime XD

  13. Akhil Sahijuan says

    Who made this!?

  14. Kitsune Animates says

    I CANT MAKE IT!!!!!
    ITS A MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS#$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$0

  15. thord Salmond says

    The only product used for Aligot is the "tome fraiche". It's not a cheese. It is a dairy product. It is curdled milk, pressed and unsalted. Fresh tome could become laguiole cheese, salers cheese or cantal cheese.

    This "tome fraiche" is made only on the Aubrac plateau in the Massif Central who is a highland region in the middle of southern France. Aligot is a traditional rural culinary specialty from Aubrac.

    Aubrac :

  16. J0riS says

    Fuck off with Paris It's a dish made in Aveyron, but because ONE restaurant in paris serves it ; "pOpuLaR diSh sErveD iN PArIS"

  17. mahes n Resi says

    just like a mozzarella cheese, right?

  18. Hoetistic says

    not as cheesy

  19. joonie noodle soup™ says

    So did Niki and Andrew ever figure it out? lmaoo

  20. Emma Patabendige says

    1:15 they use the potato press machine thingy.

  21. Anirudh BN says

    Hey can we use mozzarella cheese instead of swiss cheese

  22. Typically Tina says

    Do you have to use Swiss cheese ¿

  23. Kimberly R.L. says

    can i just use mozarella cheese ?

  24. Kevin Fatihul says

    When expectation meet reality

  25. Milk Tea says

    Easy you say… yet Andrew and Niki couldn’t do it with the actual French cheese

  26. MetSquid says

    French customers opinions:
    Restaurant: "This is fucking good"
    Homemade: "Swiss? WTF"

  27. MetSquid says

    "Andrew and Niki left the conversation"

  28. Sylphie says

    So it's basically super cheesy mashed potatoes.

  29. Urvashi Singh says

    Why didn't you teach this recipe to Niki and Andrew😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Kgstargirl Gaming says

    If you watch eat your feed you know it is not easy do not lie tasty

  31. L.A. The Musical says

    How come Andrew and Niki didn’t know how to do this if Alix made a vid already, not hating but how?

  32. Gaby Gallardo says

    Can it be mozzarella cheese??

  33. Native 4real says

    the restaurant had a satisfying texture in the aligot

  34. Hailey x says

    Can it be mozzarella instead of Swiss cheese??

  35. Its Meh says

    Zorgo diffuse 1:21
    Zorgo diffuse 1:21
    Zorgo diffuse 1:21
    Zorgo diffuse 1:21

  36. Its Meh says

    Zorgo diffuse 1:20

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