Restaurant Vs. Homemade: Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

Restaurant Vs. Homemade: Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito
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  1. Liliana Gonzalez says

    Lucky for me I live in san diego😂😜

  2. Derrick Jones says

    I love it!

  3. YaBoiChefBoyardizzle says

    Eating your feed lol

  4. Sergeant Kaboose says

    I need to leave, I haven't eaten in 8 days.

  5. Dennis Hu says

    Fucking skipped to 1:30 and thought the beef was fucking dried leaves

  6. XxCheese CakexX says

    I shouldn’t be watching this at night

  7. Greywolf 99 says

    This some mad stoner food

  8. Leianna Gama says

    My mom said she's gonna make next week!🤠

  9. Kittie Tucker says


  10. GalaxyMeme9 says

    No gonna lie Andrew did it better in eating your feed

  11. Huey Blatcher Sr. says

    I want a flaming hot cheeto burrito.

  12. Damian Flores says

    I do live in daygo but don’t wanna go I’m too lazy

  13. Brandon Parker says

    I will pick both because I can and I will

  14. Brandon Parker says

    Oh ho yes hoy yaw

  15. spartan 117 says

    Some advice, u can replace the Cheetos with nachos

  16. Yomerita Toyaqui says

    Holly shit! That is real awful, we mexicans do not eat like that

  17. Acid Pixels says

    Hang in there, I’m calling the police

  18. cняιѕтιηє says

    Why does this look so unappetizing to me lol

  19. Chris P Bacon Jr says

    Restaurant is better

  20. LegitOneJC says

    Where is this restaurant

  21. Dark Gamer says

    When you are too lazy to make your own fries

  22. Silvia Chavarría says


  23. Silvia Chavarría says


  24. Silvia Chavarría says


  25. Silvia Chavarría says


  26. Andres Cruz says

    I wish everytime I open up a bag of hot cheetos they're as RED as the ones on this video 🤤

  27. ArnoGator YT says

    If you can eat that in one sitting you're a true american

  28. Alexfunnyact YT says

    I literally just have to walk 4 mins from home to get this burrito

  29. Nolan Baker says

    Both prolly taste different. I would go with restaurant to know it’s good. Lol

  30. Ice Poseidon says

    Burn ur culo

  31. spartan 117 says

    Replace the Cheetos with nachos.
    It's good. Trust me.

  32. _taj_ says

    I'm eating the burrito as I comment

  33. nooby z says

    I am hANGRY

  34. Funny Face says

    of course ill choose the burrito

  35. Liliana Gonzalez says

    Yayyy I live In San Diego!!

  36. Alenex 87 says

    Frozen Fries? Interesting…

  37. Emma Oxtoby says

    With a side of Nexium.

  38. Brian Escobar says

    I'm allergic to avocado

  39. AKUAFEINA KIA says

    Y’all barely cooked them fries though 🙁

  40. LilBeus2900 says


  41. It’s Justme says


  42. zX lIlllIlll Xz says

    The burito looks good but what are ya doing with the fries that's unnecessary lol

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