The JVC GR-C1 Camcorder was the first all-in-one handheld video camera. I trace the history of homemade videos back to the release of this iconic piece of …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Tom Welfringer says

    Is the ending from an old video or did you do your own deepfake?
    Modern technology has completly broken my trust in such things 😅

  2. armand nekar says

    What about 130.000.000 subscribers?

  3. ALP says

    7:54 you guys should credit Nelson Sullivan! He was a vlogger in 89s New York!

  4. Yonas Eyob says

    legit content

  5. Sherly Aniyan says

    Bro this s a bit boring

  6. TeddyKho says

    I am here because MKBHD

  7. Jake77 says

    when he wears the white face 😀

  8. pleymo112 says

    You should have kept the audio recording from the JVC also !
    Would have been so good

  9. dj manix says

    A msg from 1985 – You made it kid!

  10. Karanui Pene says

    This is amazing, I can imagine the horror on millennials faces 😂😂😂

  11. Sukhbir Singh says

    Hey you should do the first phone with a camera

  12. Mynx says

    15:20 Marques! Show us your Ahego face lmfaooooooooooooooo

  13. Satraf says

    It will be great if you shoot the entire series with that camera

  14. Shadow Bender says

    MKBHD shoots regular videos in a widescreen format but a legit show on 16:9

  15. Kokila Joshi says

    Fun fact YouTube doesn't exist that time

  16. Rashid Shamim says

    MKBHD: "Red and Black, nice color scheme"
    Rest of the World: Yeah Right!

  17. Xander says

    Marques in that mask will haunt my dreams forever. (But jesus that was funny)

  18. Steadlerification says

    So we’re just doing the same things but with enhanced technology

  19. NotTeganQuinn says

    they used STD more liberally because back then that wasn't the term used for sexually transmitted infections, back then they would be more likely to use VD, as in venereal diseases

  20. Mark Jeric says

    This is so owsaaam.. u just earn a subscriber here🍻 congrats😀

  21. David Aerne says

    Hmmm cameras for personal use were accessible and popular before vhs camcorders: Super 8.
    I think the VHS camcorder became so popular because you could take out the tape and play it. That was not possible with Super8. You needed the film to be developed first.

  22. Marc Ritz says

    Who could be a worse host for a retro tech show than MKBHD

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