Vox Media Studios and YouTube Originals present Retro Tech, a six-episode documentary series hosted by YouTube tech guru Marques Brownlee. The series …

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  1. Fariz D. Putra says

    Oh shoot Marques Killobyte Brownlee

  2. Knowledge Nation says

    **The thumbnail looks as if a baby's face is fitted into a male's suit !! **

  3. Anup Narvekar says

    Which song is playing in the background ? 👌🏻

  4. Matt Stock says


  5. andrearusky says

    youtube premium?? 🙁

  6. OldManAgar says


  7. OldManAgar says


  8. OldManAgar says


  9. Deev Mehta says

    Why was baby Marques there at the end?😂

  10. Dr Bean says

    My fucking god!! can't wait!!

  11. Hasan Rasheed says

    superb, all the best

  12. Rationaliser says

    Would definitely watch if I ever got Premium

  13. Tuan Do says

    The background music is too loud

  14. Abdullah Deshmukh says

    The thumbnail looks like GTA Vice City cut-scene

  15. vd 007 says

    Holy mother of god 💓

  16. Brian Cherera says

    I would really love to see the 1984 Mac,just the overal performance according to the system it ran during the time,how it actually ran and it's memory allocation and the kind of apps it had.

  17. Olexandr Shurdak says

    Finally! Some good YouTube Red video!

  18. David Shannon says

    Why did youtube make you blur the product logos? Really strange.

  19. GALSKY says


  20. Long Phan says

    Adam Savage would die for that Walkman haha. He built his own replica tho

  21. Seandre says

    Man I wish I had a walkman 🙁

  22. Jais Jose says


  23. Aiden Bai says

    ok boomer

  24. Prithvi Raj says

    The music takes it to a next level.

  25. Deansy says

    Surely would have named the series "Boomer Tech"

  26. Banana Berry says

    ME: got YouTube premium
    MKBHD : makes a dope ass premium series
    ME: worth it 🤩

  27. Cross J says

    For some reason watching a glimpse of those old 'new tech' brought tears to my eyes… damn im old

  28. OnyX Studio says

    I'm getting some strong Netflix vibe. YouTube is about to have a slice on the market.

  29. Paweł Żukiewicz says

    Great idea!

  30. Ahmed Samir says

    Please support the channel to continue providing content

  31. Anzar Alim says

    All these will be paid ?

  32. Matt Law says

    ok maybe there is a reason to get youtube premium after all

  33. Zero says


  34. Happy Guy says

    Well time to get YouTube Premium.

  35. Phong Truong says

    Respect on what Marques is doing ! Keep up the good works.

  36. Mikey The gold fish says

    I would put tin foil on my head when using these

  37. lunar wrkshp. says

    Dude that ending with young you is so dope.

  38. Rut Shah says

    That's awesome Marquess.

  39. J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle says

    I swear this dude looks like Victor Oladipo 🏀

  40. Lesiba Bambo says

    wow this is a great great step way bro wow

  41. Sayar Ganguly says

    Casey on point – "Am I here for my Advanced age"

  42. giaccomusic says

    and what about your bezels now? ahahaha

  43. Coffee Cool says

    will MarkAss Brownie be in this years rewind?

  44. Conrad Allwood says

    Well done 👍🏾 I’m looking forward to them

  45. jeffreyli7 says

    The Walkman is undoubtedly one of the best inventions ever

  46. Uzumaki Cloud says

    Nobody :
    Not a single soul :

    Marques Brownlee : Yahhhanzijenr It’s REWIND TIME .

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