Richest Kids on Snapchat EVER!

Richest Kids on Snapchat EVER!
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  1. Jade Apaliso says

    11:23 I go to a private school and it’s worse than a public school.

  2. Caitlyn Cowen says

    Its a cue stick I love your videos you are right don't waste money help others

  3. sebastian banguis says

    12:32-But, regular water already costs three digits
    $ 1 . 0 0

  4. Alyssa Youhana says

    The water can be 100c ($1)

  5. Gacha wolf46 says

    A Aston is 1.65 mill and a banley is 720,000 – 730,000 dochebag kid

  6. Anushri Kahn says

    0:32 I always presume that much cash πŸ’΅ is just 1 dollar πŸ’΅ bills

  7. Chinita Lopez says

    Follow me

  8. Rozaida Md Yusoff says

    I love your video azzy

  9. Sophia Taboni says

    My brother is 13 He better not get a car on February 17th because that is his birthday!

  10. YXNG.ELLZ_18 says

    πŸ‘¦ this
    πŸ‘” is
    πŸ‘– a rich
    πŸ‘Ÿ dush bag

  11. izaac da king says

    11:19 oops sorry azzy wrong time

  12. Amber Dallachy says

    I love you not in the fan but insex

  13. I pads aren't that useless because I can still watch azzy on my I pad

  14. Pandacorn1987 9584678752 says

    5:27 lol I'm riding the bus while I'm watching this

  15. Pandacorn1987 9584678752 says

    Is it wrong to want to slap everyone on this list


  16. Lillian Oesch Anderson says

    I'm literally sharing a cheese string with my dog

  17. Jennifer Aldieri says

    There was this thing… Called a bus. -Azzy

  18. Vic Playz TwT says

    I have snapchat and it works

  19. Jay ジェむ says

    Ugh these entitled brats πŸ™„

  20. Richard Watters says

    Maybe they were on holiday and we're going home to go to school

  21. nelyglez glez says

    I’m so angry JUST BECAUSE I DONT HAVE GOOD DOSE NOT MEAN I CANT BEAT THE LIVEING 🀬 OUT OF YOU😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑🀬🀬🀬😑😑🀬😑😑😠😠🀬🀬😑😑😑😠🀬😑😑😳😑🀬😠😑🀬😑🀬!!!!!!!!!

  22. dolcie Dyer says

    Hey my best friend is a billionair but hes not a douchbag long live azzy

  23. Melody Chen says

    The first helicopter one, whichever fricken' kid wrote that spelled restaurant wrong… LOL

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