SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Ridiculous …

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  1. xxcrabxx says

    One like=help for me…

  2. xxcrabxx says

    Azzy… I heard some thing fall and screaming help me 🙁 I might have to go to a foster home!!!!!!!

  3. xxcrabxx says

    So Azzy I need help I think my parents are fighting… I’m scared can you help me out and shout me out I’m so scared it’s dark!!!!! HELP!!!!

  4. Elizabeth Nicolls says

    she say the F word

  5. Chase Wilson says

    Who tried to make the face & felt like a idiot

  6. Blasa Vegaparedes says


  7. Bjorn Reese says

    Don’t say the F Word

  8. Laelle Galbraith says

    never knew azzy swore 3:13 also when did she start saying all these body parts stuff

  9. Abriel penagin says


  10. glenwo2 says

    Nice clickbait thumbnail. grumble

  11. MarYah AlZaHeM says


  12. Abby Smith says

    Oooh, I thought this was posted in 2019 because AZZY SAID F***K! She would've been demonetized!

  13. Samantha Phillips says

    This is sally
    She doesn’t have dog food
    1 like = 1 piece of dog food

  14. chema Perez says

    my name is shayne!!!!!

  15. Cupcake Panda says

    Who watched this in 2020

  16. Carlos Andrade says


  17. Super_joolz and The gang says

    I watch this in 2019

  18. Keyanni Laborde says


    This is Jimmy
    He is sick and has no arms
    1 like 1 medication and.
    arm 2 arm thanks

  19. AR CustomBaits says

    I lost my tooth in Thar

  20. Jordan Lloyd says

    Azzy said a nono word

  21. Grooving with Gia and Gino says

    Did anyone hear her say bad word

  22. spike cool Boss Man says

    There are kids watching this and you are just going to be like f*** no hate but I'm a kid too. And I watch this with my mom and she spanked me when she heard a curse word

  23. ella crazy says

    XD I managed to make the face :3

  24. Rocky Smith says

    I also want GameStop place so yeah

  25. john meza says


  26. Lia_ Hyper says

    Tharp see me rolling TheY HAtinG

  27. Jocelyn Bush says


  28. Susu Talal says

    I’m I the only person that herd Abby say f**k in 3:13

  29. Kitten Kitty says

    It’s so weird to hear you swear.

  30. XO Girl says


  31. Lilly Watson says


  32. Katie Morilla says

    Is anyone else confused she swore

  33. Tj love says

    I want to meet Shane now he sounds amazing

  34. Rubi Rosentreter says

    Ladies look down ur shirt and spell attic

    Thank me later

  35. Fly to Your dreams says

    Just for your info Azzy some people in wheel chairs can stand or walk just not very far that’s why they need the chair only some are paralyzed to the point they can’t use there legs entirely

  36. Rose Thorn says

    Wow she cursed quite a lot in this video. Walmart makes her different 😂 Not hating.

  37. Emilie R says

    When did she start saying so many bad words.😂

  38. salus aphrodite says

    I am the future inventer of the portal gun

  39. Aria Jermaine says

    kids watch ur vids too….. pls stop swearing….

  40. ash mille says


  41. Demi Stevens says

    Why is Walmart so weird wove you.💖

  42. Albert’s Daughter says

    ( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)

  43. Marshall Pamplona says

    She said the f word!

  44. jelly soldier says

    stop cussing

  45. Hailey allen* says

    () ()
    Like to make the fox stop smokeing

  46. Hailey allen* says


  47. Hailey allen* says

    Ouch that would of hurt

  48. You said the f word

  49. Slythrn123 says

    I would want to live in targets attic!

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