Roasted Butternut Squash Soup • Tasty

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup • Tasty
This batch of creamy butternut-flavored soup is the perfect fall meal for you and your loved ones. See and shop this recipe in our iOS app today: …

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  1. Hafsa Ali says

    Try with coconut milk as an alternative to cream also a little chill it’s 🔥

  2. Pinky says

    This looks so yummy !!

  3. Ghar Ki Rasoi says

    Wow very very nice 👍 recipe

  4. So Tasty says

    "Enjoy cooking!" No. I'll enjoy your videos. And i'll cook something

  5. Cake Junkie says

    I seem to go to this channel to watch every day. Do anyone as me?

  6. AyyeBC says

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  7. Jong Kyu Lee says

    Here is another recipe.

  8. FlowersInHisHair says

    Stick some saffron in. You know you want to.

  9. Khai Dam says

    Tasty …
    Ngon số 1

  10. sofia v says

    Can anyone tell me whats the white sos they pour in the end?

  11. Pau Gironès says

    Can't cook this during No-Butternut-November.

  12. Nevermore says

    It's a porridge. Not a soup. It's Hobakjuk. A Korean Pumpkin or butternut squash porridge.

  13. Michael Alvaro says

    If you have people that are lactose intolerant, is it possible to swap out the milk/cream with almond milk or coconut milk/oil

  14. Amelia Rose says

    this be looking so good I thought it was an ad

  15. Grandma's village says

    This is like our Grandma cooking
    ❤Grandma's Village ❤

  16. Skylark Lam says

    ffs it's just soup BF gotta cheese and bacon everything sasdasdgseseghrhrE

  17. myfairy talegimail says

    Too fast

  18. Jepper333 says

    what is up with the weird aspect ratio???

  19. Fatima Altaf Hussain says

    Hello! i want to know few recipes from bread crumbs because i have a lot of bread crumbs. Thank you

  20. Indian Masala Recipe says

    Tasty 😀😀

  21. Rumaisa's Kitchen says

    Love it…

  22. Issaka Diallo says

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Adam Pilarski says

    Want to kick that potato soup up a notch? (And give your arteries something to think about?) Add the bacon grease into the soup about 30 min before it’s done.

  24. RebelGaming says


  25. Noor Landesrel says


  26. Steve Logan says

    Very nice soup recipes, i like squashes of butternut, spaghetti, acorn, zucchini, yellow, etc… but i cannot seem to acquire a taste for pumpkin & it is probably the most popular, that & zucchini, i do not like pumpkin soup, pie, cake, etc.. it is one of my kryptonite foods, lol, also coconut, marshmallows, rosemary herb, blackening seasoning, & i'm an old irishman age 56, i've tried & just do not like those items, lol.

  27. Andy says

    I can’t with the vertical vids man, I can’t 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. TheHafsah says

    I will try this . Looks delicious 😊

  29. 5-Minute Crafts Show says

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  30. Talented Tape says
  31. Dary Cooking says

    Very tasty 😋

  32. Doggo says

    Pumpkin tastes better imo.

  33. Inside Tech says

    hilarious viral videos 2019 –

  34. ObscenelyMarvelous says

    Butternut squash varies in size. Simply calling for 2 in the recipe isn't helpful. The weight should be included.

  35. Koyas Uddin says

    I do a similar recipe. I just roast butternut squash in chunks. Tastes amazing.

  36. Noah's FryingPan says

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  37. Cooking With Amna says

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  38. Denise sweets !! says

    Very nice recipe thanks for sharing !!

  39. JoAnn YoshikiStan Alexander says

    Where were you yesterday when I messed it up 😞

  40. Moxie Beast says

    oh yummy! this makes it look much less intimidating.

  41. pretty olayemi cooking says

    Am going to try this for my kids @Tasty and i will share it with you guys

  42. Mr & Mrs Delicious says

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  43. bobbymac 131 says

    That’s a lot of fat and oil

  44. Cooking with Shereen says

    We used to make our chive oil that way at the Four Seasons, so simple. So glad you shared with us..

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