Romantic Chicken Dinner In Less Than 45 Minutes • Tasty

Romantic Chicken Dinner In Less Than 45 Minutes • Tasty
Whip up a romantic dinner for bae in less than 45 minutes! They’ll think you’ve in the kitchen for hours! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Joel Asher says

    It’s a chicken dinner but they served steak on the table at the end , what happened to the chicken tho ?

  2. Superb………………….mouth Watering

  3. Taylor Rae says

    Is it still romantic if I eat it alone?

  4. Noneya says

    So they’re having chicken and steak the same night?
    Oh wait the chicken disappeared

  5. Dhruve Mital says

    this looks wrong for a chicken trying to be romantic

  6. Corbeau Hiboux says

    Little warning for the first one:

    Provolone is really smelly when it begins to melt. So unless you already cooked the dish prior to your date coming to your house, they won’t suffer a smelly ass kitchen

  7. 심플요리 Simple Cooking says

    보는 것만으로도 식욕이^^
    대단한 요리 감사^^

  8. sweetnawesome23 says

    Chocolate and water are enemies!

  9. Ramiro Ramos says

    That last one with the chocolate made me cringe. Chocolate and water DO NOT MIX. The last part where they scooped some out, you can tell it seized. It looked gross and probably came out really hard and chunky 🙁

  10. Avo Power says

    Why always that much butter?

  11. Random _fatguy says

    0:12 hmmm

  12. Rye D says

    I love these but I CANNOT stand when people touch RAW chicken and then pick up a salt or pepper shaker! You are gonna kill someone!

  13. Miniature Worlds says

    Yummy 😋

  14. Maxima says

    Great dish but filmed w a potato

  15. Drawing for kids says

    Who is watching Tasty in bed while scrolling the comments?

  16. shhhhyeahright says

    I’m so confused…

  17. Will Catterick says

    Looks tasty but this edit kinda sucks; doesn’t exactly live up to the title.

  18. Miss Kekistan says

    "Cook the chicken then THROW THAT TRASH AWAY; WE EATIN STEAK B!"

  19. Brian the Trainer says

    Seriously can yoy people please stop putting the god damn i icon during the video while I'm reading the ingredients, why can't you put it at the end when it doesn't get in the way

  20. Michelle English says

    Um…someone needs to learn time thingies. Cant be done in under 45 minutes if the potatoes take an hour to bake ffs.

  21. Pratyusha Mohapatra says

    And what to do about those who are single?…😐

  22. jesslol930 says

    I've seen that ribeye clip TOO MANY TIMES TASTY

  23. 밥안사-Ez cooking class says

    Hello. I am a chef in Korea. It's great to see various dishes on your channel. Thank you for sharing. So nice recipe 👍👍

  24. owo JC creations owo says

    Yay recipe's for me to eat alone-

  25. wordybirdy says

    The chocolate dessert thing didn't even get a title. What was it supposed to be? If it was pudding, I'd expect it to be made with cream or something. But it's just watered down chocolate in a cup.

  26. tori0083 says

    Why was water used instead of milk with the chocolate?

  27. Mr Jelly says

    I love tasty but not gonna lie this video was underwhelming

  28. Marisa Cohen says

    This looks so good but I’m too unmotivated to do any of this lmao

  29. Umami Salt says

    tbf they said the chicken dinner will be done in 45 mins.. just going to have to take those potatoes on the side half raw its fine

  30. Beta Alpha says

    These recipes got my laid. Thanks!

  31. Jobara's Kitchen says

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  32. hewhoslapshoes says

    So someone just rushed a bunch of old videos together for content? Without looking over this?

  33. kootieblondie says

    This is just a combination old videos with an unrelated title…. like what

  34. AQUA LOA says

    Chicken + steak, salad and scalloped potatoes. Yum.. and chocolate dessert. Yes, naturally a aphrodisiac. Totally heats the night up. 😍

  35. johnniee says

    You know, in all your videos those pop-up banners are real irritating when they cover the ingredients. Why not put them at the end???

  36. UsTwoTwins says

    Now i really want steak

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