Rosé Macarons For Your Next Girl's Night • Tasty

Rosé Macarons For Your Next Girl's Night • Tasty
Fruity, boozy, and bougie, these bright pink macarons are infused with a fresh strawberry and rosé wine reduction and topped with edible glitter. Perfect for any …

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  1. Sabira Rahman says

    Who else is a blink???

  2. Istanbul Times says

    These macaroons are like

    Sugar….. Sugar….. Diabetes

  3. ayla ayla says

    Who haven't tried macarons

  4. Leonardo says

    Nope, absolutely not point blank period

  5. Jay Grogan says

    …. so can i not take these to boy's night 😮

  6. Jonathon M says

    Trust and believe, it is NOT this easy.

  7. Алёнка DIY says

    Hey you!

    Yes, you! You're a boy!

    Why have you decided to come visit?

  8. Sugar Rorrah says


  9. YodaSoda 23 says

    I need a recipe for chocolate macarons but you don’t have one ☹️😤😫

  10. Ace Hardy says


  11. мαяιє says

    Do I even know how to make normal ones first? 😭😭😓

  12. Uranium-238 says

    Me and the boys making rosé macarons

  13. We are says

    Awesome tutorial.

  14. Fraitloy428 Gaming Channel says


  15. Sanjeewa Gamage says
    First time for the world 🔥

  16. Hungry Tummy says

    makes rosé macarons

  17. Yourworstnightmare Ever says

    will make

  18. Itz M says

    I love how so many people here are Blink. We have a single brain cell 😂

  19. So Tasty says

    Your video is great, I like it 💖💖💖

  20. Zaina Mirza says

    I was just eating macarons…

  21. Katie✿ says

    Watching Tasty’s videos is more satisfying than actually making and eating them 😆

  22. Cake Junkie says

    I am a big fan of you😱😻🙀😛😱👍❤💖

  23. LesionYT says

    I know for a fact I'm not the only guy here

  24. Ariel D says

    What are recipe adjustments for high altitude? I’d really like to try to give these a go

  25. MY LIFE says

    Rosé BLACK PINK!

  26. Han Jisung says

    I really have to watch stop watching these late at night

  27. Haley Faragalli says

    I love macarons

  28. david garcia says

    You Kpop stans are a plague

  29. • Handa says

    man, is always this! For the girls, the things are pink, this is desnecessary, holly shit

    pqp mano os caras vao la e fz oq? merda
    pras meninas eh rosa neh, tudo rosa, aff, machismo ta foda

  30. Angelin Jacob says

    I was here for the glitter ^(=~=)/^

  31. a mann says

    Hello could you please sub to my channel it is called. Ashley nic. I do the same kind of vids and in just starting so it would help

  32. Syahirah Life says

    Wow this is really delicious! Im surely gonna try this recipe during this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing, you inspired me!!

    I’ve create a youtube channel. I do subs back

  33. zagato77904 says

    Too much work

  34. Jemarc Fontanilla says

    Wait blackpink rose

  35. Sarah Kelley says

    these are so nasty, don't try them! them taste like perfume

  36. Be infinite says

    I'm a simple girl.

    I see Rosé in the title I click

    Blinks unite💓

  37. BerSel'in Dünyası says


  38. MelodyGames 10 says

    Huh I am conveniently planning on making macarons tomorrow •-•

  39. Ma'kaylaNeely says

    am I the only one who saw the breast cancer symbol at the end of whipping the batter?

  40. PScantron says

    Any dragon Ball Legends players notice that Super Sayian Rosé came out today too.

  41. Luisa Campos says


  42. plushie Things says


  43. Bushra Hiss says

    love this

  44. Diamond Thief says

    Come on! I didn't expect 21+ macarons

  45. DJ Baby Otaku says

    Tasty! You should check out my Original track!

  46. Nicollette says

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  47. Thenerdicat 134975 says

    When I was watching this, I was thinking about Blackpink.

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