Salmon En Croute // Presented by LG USA

Salmon En Croute // Presented by LG USA
This salmon en croute is sure to impress your holiday guests! Make it for your winter celebrations with the help of the LG ProBake Convection Oven.

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  1. Kevin Chong says

    Mum, please make this for me. 🙁

  2. 8bitDayDream says

    Could I use baby spinach instead of kale?

  3. Chop Happy says

    I love cooking with salmon on my channel and that dish looks so yummy! Great video!

  4. The INDIEMAN GAMER says

    Life of Boris just did this but more SLAV

  5. PyjamaPenguin44 says

    look nom nom

  6. oof says

    this shit really just a salmon poptart lmfao

  7. 하느님 감사합니다 테이스티님과 같은 동시대에 살게 해주셔서 🙂

  8. Paul Lewis says

    What about the skin of the salmon? I don't want to cut into and eat that.

  9. Space Husk says

    I don't have anything to comment about

  10. Игорь Жуган says

    Someone tell me please, how much this peace of salmon costs in USA?

  11. Lungelo Mngomezulu says

    add some cheese please

  12. G A says

    Use spinach not kale.

  13. Alex Ramnarine says


  14. MysticalGamer says

    Nice recipe! Will try.

  15. al falag PA says

    Wait i feel like i saw this on masterchef junior or something.

  16. Uzair Satar says

    Great,first 13 ones to comment😅😂

  17. Ataur_rhd Rahman says


  18. niko bellic says

    This guy has made a way more bigger burger than you guys to see he's burger follow the link

  19. Cynthia Caron says

    Love Salmon! 🐟

  20. The Won says

    So early, Holyyyyyy

  21. The Awesome Marya says


  22. oh yeah we miss that

  23. jam jam says

    I am early today 😀

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