Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Revisited!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Revisited!
The most interesting phone in the world. Thumbs up! Samsung Galaxy Note II: My Galaxy Note 2 Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Øystein says

    Watching in 2019 on my Note 10+ 🙈
    Remember a friend had the Note 2 while I had the S3😝

  2. EddyGraphic says

    “Relatively thin bezel" 😂😂 “Laughts in iPhone XS Max"

  3. made pranata says

    now i'm using 6.7 inches smartphone 🤣

  4. Sam Lung says

    Lol. Thin bezels

  5. Arnold Mslnkv says

    literally no one : ……
    YouTube algorithm: HEY BRO wanna check this dope Note 2 video from 2013?

  6. james calid says

    watching on note 9


    5.5 inch display WOW! lol

  8. OBADAHzxc says

    I have come from the future , Don't come here its awful ! We have note 10 tho

  9. Miloš Bekić says

    MKBHD 2012/13: Stay geeky my friends
    Mr Mobile 2018/19: Stay mobile my friends

  10. Rakesh Shridhar says

    August 2019 anyone?😂

  11. omegapork64 ! says

    Hello I am from the future. I'm watching this historical video from a galaxy s8+ with a 6.2in display.

  12. marlon chin says

    My Nite2 is still running since 2012 . Will be upgrading to Note8 soon

  13. Eugen Müller says

    Watching on my Note 9 💪👊 the note 2 was my first note 👍

  14. Zohaib R. says

    When 5.5in was big…good old days

  15. AlKaiMaximus says

    Why am I alone here?

  16. Elwin Pigares says

    I am still using my galaxy note 2 in 2019😊

  17. Marcho Will says


  18. G Po Origin says

    2:13 @2013 Mkbhd's mom "too big to be a phone"
    Hope she isnt using note 8 or something😂

  19. Miles Henderson says

    5.5 pushing limits??! 😂😂😂 I miss these days. Still an awesome video MKBHD

  20. Abhishek P M says

    Watching this on the note 8 in 2017

  21. Cherkess says

    I bought my note 2 in 2013 and I'm using it till today, now I'm suffering to watch this video because of how laggy it is, going to buy iphone 10 as soon as it gets out. fuck Samsung, seriously!

  22. acute angle says

    Thin bezels

  23. GtaRedStar Gaming says

    I've never been asked about any phone by random strangers are u fibbing mr you tube man

  24. GtaRedStar Gaming says

    Even in 2017 my fat lil friend is still fully functioning and the screen on it is still better than anything apple has ever done

  25. AugustHawk says

    I'm still using my Note 2 going on 5 years now!!!  Still has same original battery that still holds a 2-day charge with normal use and a full day charge with heavy use – I love playing Audible books on my phone on my work commute. I also use this phone a lot for work – including editing documents. What I really love is using this for meeting notes instead of carrying pen and paper to meetings, and syncing my work calendar.  In my leisure time, I paint or sketch a lot on it and even print out some of my creations. Touch screen and stylus are still just as responsive as well as all widgets, apps, and programs. I've accidently drenched my phone twice – Gatorade literally sloshing inside once- but dried out great and continued to work as the day I first got it. It's almost impossible to drain battery. After 5 years, the charging port has stretched/bent so connectivity to cable is not consistent. Not wanting to give up this phone, I purchased a Duracell back-up battery (which performs amazingly well similar to original battery) and an external charger. I just switch batteries – which really isn't a hassle as they charge quickly and I don't need to switch batteries everyday. This has been the best phone I've ever owned, and it's so nice not to be in the "constant market of searching for my next phone in 2 years."

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