Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hype!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hype!
Galaxy Note 3 is the next big flagship that nobody is talking about… yet Galaxy Note 2: Original Galaxy Note 2 Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. RyuTx3 says

    “5.8 is too big to be a smartphone” in 2019 the small iphone is 5.8 lol

  2. Shubham Kumar says

    2050 anyone?

  3. Luvraj S says

    Hi the person watching this video in 2020. Nice to see you around.

  4. Joe says

    "5.8" is too big of a screen fora smartphone" And now 6.4" smartphones are standard stuff. Man, watching old tech videos is like time travel.

  5. Pi says

    1:35 5.8 inches is too big to be a smartphone Good ol' days

  6. Nicholas Sainburg says

    Wow…watching on my note 9..

  7. Neno Sorrell says

    Watching on my Note 8 lol😀 Samsung has come far….cant wait for note 10 this year

  8. Sean Kelvin Paras says


  9. tim buttry says

    note 3 is my favorite note

  10. Maxenchaned says

    who's watching in 2017


    I'm watching this on my v10

  12. Escorpio123PS says

    there's no hype yet for the note 6 lol

  13. titan. says

    why theres a red screen on 3:29 :D? i think render gone wrong XD

  14. MegaBojan1993 says

    Proud owner of the Note 3 here. I've been using it for almost 2 years and I plan on using it for 3-4 years more. This device even though is 2 years old it still runs all the games and apps flawlessly.

  15. Stephanie Young says

    You always put together great videos! (: A lot of my knowledge and opinions come directly from them.

  16. Orios says


  17. sneekyturbo_AMG says

    Little late but I have a note3. Things a beast. Cant wait for 4!!!

  18. David Chang says

    cyanogenmod XD

  19. PhoneTech313 says

    Had to dislike because it's 5.7 inch… Sorry 🙁 love your videos tho

  20. خلك ميت says

    i like u & ur hands hahah
    kepp going ,, i watch you usually !

  21. Zeron Bell says

    how do you like LG Optimus G pro and will they make a bigger one

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