Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – their best yet! Galaxy Note 4 (US): Galaxy Note 4 (International): Galaxy Note 4 First …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. yasser otaku says

    Still using it

  2. Cotoi says

    removable battery, headphone jack, IR , … whole display yes, having a whole is now a freaking MISSING feature, if anyone could imagine that back then. Note was this super premium business oriented phone, where you ALWAYS have everything you need on hand. Now they save a tone of money on NOT re-designing anything, another tone of money on removing features, and a 3rd tone of money on selling you a pen for a premium price, while making sure the pen WILL NOT WORK on a galaxy scree, something that all reviewers failed to mention. I guess forgot to check or something, but to be honest that only makes sense in 2019 where there close to no difference between the 2 phones.

  3. Mio Mo says

    We should show this video to Apple as they don’t seem to get the hint of multitasking from old phones to now.

  4. Crazy Joe says

    Using it till 2015

  5. Not your Business says


  6. M m says

    I love watching mkbhd's older reviews after I watch the new ones!

  7. Jacob John says

    My biggest mistake in life was to purchase a note 4 on the day it launched.

    p.s. Now it's lying somewhere in the attic

  8. Miklós Tamás says

    I just bought a Note 10+
    YouTube recomedations:

  9. liquidalloy says

    Sweet! I'm trading in my Note 10+ for it. Removable battery, HEADPHONE JACK!!!

  10. The K INC says

    I just came from your note 3 video I think I like the note 4 better now

  11. saurabh jadhav says

    5.7" in those days was huge phone, in 2019 people are craving for small phones

  12. Crazy Foodie says

    Still using Note4❤️

  13. Salmon says

    Damn, can't wait to uppgrade my s10 plus

  14. Matthew Galeski says

    Is that usb-c?


    Note 4 4 years later

  16. WazAnne says

    back in the year where 5.7" is considered big

  17. Pedder says

    All the nostalgia! This is the first Note that I wanted but didn’t end up getting one until the Note 8 because of different reasons. I remember watching this video too haha. Don’t know why YouTube is throwing this up but loving the Throwback.

  18. bonedown202 says

    My second note phone. Though I have loved it but it became lagggy.

  19. Dona Mihi says

    2019 Samsung : release note 10 & note 10+
    2019 Youtube : hey there, you've heard about galaxy note 4?

  20. F-BOMB OG says

    Legit just now got recommended in 2019. YouTube might be 4 years late.

  21. YS Entertainment says

    I still have note 4, got since January 2015.

  22. Tim kk9 says


  23. Samsung Knight says

    Watching this 4 years into o the future on a note 10

  24. Muzia22 says

    The screen is so big ….in 2014

  25. XxxNeil TubexxX says

    Why is this video on YouTube in 2019?!!!!!???????

  26. HTEIN Lin says

    In 2019 5.7 inch is compact size now

  27. Mappy says

    '5.4 inches is pushing the limits of what people will accept as a phone'

    Oh how times have changed

  28. i love gaming says

    Well…what it's f*cking doing in my YouTube recommendation late 2019.

  29. Loba Productions says

    Anyone else who prefered the old samsung designs?

  30. Gilgamesh King of Heroes says

    Just moved from my Note 4 to Note 10+.

  31. Macky9000 says

    What??YouTube is drunk
    Now youtube will put Nokia 3360 Unboxing in recommendations right?

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