Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review!
Galaxy Note 7 – when it’s not exploding, it’s actually a pretty great phone! dBrand Galaxy Note7 Skins: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. alejo sb says

    2019, watching to see if he talked about the phone doing boom?

  2. HolaSoyAndree says

    Misleading. Both batches had the explosion problem, so you’re basically tricking people into buying a Note 7 thinking it’s safe, when it’s not.

  3. KITTYZINHA006 #RedstoneGang says

    did you just say "jif"?

  4. faisalhaider007 says

    2019 Nov??
    Youtube trolling as we need heater to warm rooms in winter in November 😀 :p
    But definitely not explosive tech!

  5. Frank Reed says

    Did your note 7 exploded?

  6. Demilade Ajifa says


  7. Doyinsola A says

    Who else has a dad who has had a note 7 for years

  8. Zahra Gamada says

    OMG, I will buy the Note 7 next week! It looks like a good phone!

  9. venkatesh N says

    Mkbhd….I wanna be ur 10M th sub…I watched most of ur vids for a long time though..I still not subscribed..waiting for the right time

  10. bailey halifax says

    I give it a 9/10 explosions

  11. Original Gamer says

    What's the wallpaper called that ge uses on that phone? The one that has the moon and the sky is red? Anyone know?

  12. HolaSoyAndree says

    8:32 is when he starts talking about explosions.

    You don’t have to like unlike some other comments.

  13. Ripper says

    Yt EXPLODED this video in recommendations in 2019!

  14. e x c l a m a t i o n mark says

    Well this didn't age good.

  15. 205Gaming says


    Literally nobody:

    Linus:OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S A BOMB!!!!

  16. Pepeng Jelek says

    Daily drive

  17. Royal Rec'Or says

    Such a design… ❤️♥️💗💕💓

  18. Kenichi Ono says

    2019 is getting weird for yt

  19. Remy says

    just goes to show how much of a heartless, shitty corporation samsung is.

  20. ICY BLUE says

    Lol it blows up

  21. david losteiner says

    The note 7 exploded in popularity for a bit

  22. SwaggerDog 2495 says

    Shame that it Had to come of the shelfs it was selling like HOTCAKES (Pun intended)

  23. Matteo De Vellis says

    I rate this 3.5/4…

    oh wait, wrong meme.

  24. Akshay K says

    Phone has a fantastic feature very uncommon!!
    It's called the "Grenade Mode"

  25. Tech Raid says

    was anyone else flinching during this video

  26. Ethan Brasoveanu says

    I guess you could say it was "the bomb"

    Please send help

  27. • I'mTonySceptical • says

    All these damned bomb jokes Giving me an Explosive headache

  28. SarahStudios says

    Note 7: exists
    Battery: ight imma head out

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