Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One!

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One!
Samsung vs HTC 1080p Flagships of 2013. Battle of the titans! Sample shots and important links below! Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Dima Khanjaliashvili says

    Man HTC One was great phone.

  2. Georgie b says

    Samsung looks cheap

  3. Vyad says

    who is watching in 2019?

  4. Shisui Uchiha says

    At last the last phonebender is back!

  5. Angel Ojeda says

    No one:
    YouTube: hey ya why don't you watch this video you watched 6 years ago? Bet ya don't remember pal

  6. James Drake says

    Do you think this will serve me well in 2019?

  7. I LightenStar I says

    HTC One looks like it was made in 2011

  8. Daniel Astillero says

    Chipping is a pro feature of S4.

  9. Rupom Ahmed says

    When htc used be innovative and worthy

  10. KING says

    Samsung eventually won, now it's beating Apple.

  11. YourTechGuy says

    S4, better camera, display and i honestly like the design

  12. Gurneet Dhaliwal says

    Just look at poor s4 their is no need to compare it with htc

  13. Hu Ggu says

    Htc better speakers and built quality
    Everything else the s4 is better

  14. Barkingweevil 88 says

    I like the 1

  15. Miguel GTA says

    Hey whatsapp my nigga

  16. ANDROID GAMER says

    HTC is best

  17. Julian Dreyer says

    Almost 5 years later and I am still using a Htc One as my daily driver without any problems. Buildquality wins 😁

  18. infinity says

    Htc one

  19. Farhan Gulzar says

    Of course it's galaxy s4 you dumdasses

  20. Aurora Vuitton says

    Why do youtube recommend me this now?

  21. FTSFM STUDIOS says

    Here's another advantage over Galaxy anything: COUGH COUGH COUGH NO BLOATED JUNKY ANDROID SKINS COUGH COUGH COUGH

  22. Daniel Moore says

    I still have an htc one m7 from like 2015 and use it almost every day with no sim card as a wi-fi only backup phone. So solid.

  23. Кирилл Колюшев says

    fuck you nigga

  24. Jerm Perm Nation says

    Crispy and crunchy, that was funny keep the good work bro!!!

  25. pinky1900's says

    Good throwback video. To me the most important features have to be the camera and battery life. If those two are great, I don't discriminate between phones or other little things.

  26. Nick Mundun says

    S4 for the win

  27. Evilknight says

    sorry but I bought my HTC one m7 beats audio exactly a year ago new at the shop an it's junk after 3 months it got slow also the phone over heats bad an dies battery life is horrible an also normal HTC problem is purple or pink tint happening to the camera as the battery was made way to close to the wires for camera so it heats that an kills it

  28. XxMasterNateXx !!! says

    S4 all the way😀😁

  29. Mick.T. Shaft says

    I snapped my s4 clean in half in temper because the touchscreen was crap right from the start i had to swipe atleast 10 times to get it off saver it moved mm at a time. I was out and wanted to bid on something i really wanted on ebay and waited till a 10 seconds left and the phone stalled, item went cheap i had a fit and crippled the phone. It's still sat on top of my pc to this day as a reminder not to rip £300 up!

  30. Dpk Stunnings says

    OK good

  31. JacobMG says

    htc one m7 all day!!!!

  32. Sean McGeeney says

    Anybody else just here to watch some classic Marques?

  33. 3RT says

    Samsung s4 has a big problem the sim card error no network restart multiple times a day.

  34. Mounir CHICAO says

    Which HTC One is it ? M8 ?

  35. Dove White says

    To help others decide quickly, Thumbs up for Samsung s4. Thumbs down for HTC One…

  36. Kathleen Smith says

    Great information . …..thank you!

  37. Rimantas Lakstauskas says

    I already have samsung galaxy s4, but i want htc one m8 😀

  38. Anthony kordula says

    Htc one m7 or lg G3?

  39. Filip Les says

    my dad has s4… I WANT ONE SO MUCH!

  40. ektasp says

    I am… THE ONE!

  41. curry muncher says

    I went with the s4 thanks😀😀😀😀😀

  42. branot89 says

    I'm flexing my Lumia 930 and it's solid as a rock

  43. Mohamed Emarah says

    Can someone link the wallpaper

  44. Armaan Sandhu says

    I'm with HTC One even now and the HTC One is the beast. Seriously.

  45. Jamila Ralph says

    well i went with the s4 I LOVE IT

  46. Carl Patterson says

    I think you did an excellent job of reviewing the phones, I believe you were right on the money.. I have the HTC M7 for over two years now with Verizon. I am not a big fan of Verizon but they do have the best coverage. I have been disappointed in the photos taken by the HTC, but as a daily user, I am absolutely pleased with the durability and the way the HTC feels in my hand… Very happy with the phone… I will give it an A++. It feels great in my hand….. I have a decent plastic case on it but have never protected the gorilla and I have dropped it pretty many times and even on concrete also. I am noticing the new s6 is feeling more like the HTC one…..

  47. snakexpert552 says

    Marques did bend tests before it was cool

  48. Mil Man says

    Marques Brownlee, testing phone bendability before it was cool. And yes im talking to you iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

  49. DTHUGisdashit says

    HTC is a two bit company, not to be trusted

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