Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Final verdict on Samsung’s curved-edge smartphone! Galaxy S6 Edge (Unlocked): Galaxy S6 Full Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. lxrdmister says

    Just here to dislike the video for the ads ! Keep up the ads to have more dislikes

  2. Parker's NBA Videos says

    The phone that started the whole edge display! Now it's standard on Galaxy phones and all the other manufacturers (except Apple and Google) have their own edged flagships.

    And yeah, I know the Note edge was technically the first but it didn't make it popular. And phones now use a subtle double edge like the S6 edge.

  3. Aune Iita says

    Same ram?!
    S6 3gb ram
    S6 edge 4gb ram

  4. Genesis Jaylo says

    This was like my dream phone. Now thatI have the s9, I still don't have the satisfaction of having an s6 edge.

  5. heres Butler says

    S6: back in my day we got payed to have edge screens

    S8: you guys are getting paid?

  6. something new says

    Wow osm phone

  7. Selim Ege Özcan says

    I still using it and the phone is still not slow.

  8. Irshad Khan says


  9. mblacksenior says

    🤣🤣🤣 Kim PhD.

  10. UniversalChat Chat says

    Who else paused the video to see what Austin Chang phone number was lol

  11. Big Red says

    Grandmother still uses this. Had the same case and screen protector that came with the phone

  12. Billy Bobman says

    Damn, now I gotta upgrade from my s10, thanks YouTube

  13. Tyler Smith says

    Most people complain about new phones but look at how far phones have gone and how many features and improvements have been made. On the other hand, MKBHD is so happy and thinks this was one of the best phones for its time. This shows how many features aren’t needed now. I’m probably just rambling on.

  14. Patrik says

    Edge display loogs more saturated

  15. J D says

    People always notice that YouTube recommends old MKBHD videos, but dont realize they get old videos from all the channels they watch. It's just noticable for tech videos because you know when the products were released so you know when the video came out without looking at the date.

  16. Name less says

    0:51 lol

  17. zack ruce says


  18. Säsch says

    holy shit these phones look like a centruy ago

  19. noble dj gurney says

    Okay YT i'll watch the recommended vids

  20. PIERRE says

    this man gained some weight LOL he looks so different

  21. Satyam Raghuwanshi says

    watching it on my s6 edge after 3.5 years

  22. Ankit Shah says

    How terrible these old flagships look…
    is it worth that much money now?
    hell nah! remove one zero first!

  23. Ashutosh Sundresh says

    OneUI really destroys TouchWiz

  24. arnoodle says

    Good review but I’ll stick to my Galaxy Note 10+

  25. Aey Bee says

    U want sum recommendation

  26. Ridwan Nur Hakim says

    samsung galaxy s6 edge (NO micros SD and IP68)

  27. Josue Galan says

    Got to say this looks bad now days 😂

  28. Wenhao Lin says

    Why am I watching this in 2019

  29. Gadget Masala says

    I Am From 2036
    S7 edge Will Be a Big Flop
    and Samsung will Bring Folding Phone which will also fail
    Youtube Is Now Supporting 16k Video quality , But Smartphones Don't Exist now , We Have Anywhere Doors too !!

  30. Haroko san says

    Im from the future. In 2019, the headphone jack will die in Note 10. Make a petition, believe me, you don't know how it feels to live in my timeline.

  31. Parsa Vafaei says

    OHHHHH after 4 yrs

  32. Pavel Abubakir says

    who else here after Note 10 unpacking event

  33. Critic Perfect says


  34. Yahir23ab says

    This is nostalgic to compare against an S10+

  35. The Balkan Titan says

    2019:LETS FUCKING GO!!

  36. Trap Hunt says

    Love your mic xD

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