Samsung Galaxy S7 Review!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review!
Galaxy S7: Samsung’s Android flagship for 2016! dbrand Galaxy S7 Skins: GS7 First Impressions: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Ariel Miranda says

    I have the iphone 11 now, but I had bought this phone when it relesed.

  2. Dingo says

    still use this phone till this day and its great

  3. panchoskywalker says

    I have an S4 mini, should I go for this one for US$100 or s8 for US$200 (second hand prices)? I like compact phones.

  4. Ware Gaston says

    I have the S5, I'm gonna get this! XD

  5. tyson505 says

    Still rocking this phone in 2019! Other than slightly degraded battery life (yes I know this happens to every battery ever) it's been excellent.

  6. Lachs Zwegat says

    watching old reviews to kill that fucking "i need a new phone-autism"😂😂

  7. Peter Nado says

    As a happy owner of this phone i can tell only one thing : UNDER 300 DOLLARS IS THIS THE BEST PHONE WORLDWIDE !!!!!!!!!

  8. HeerJan says

    still have the phone (with dbrand skin) I still love it

  9. Prince oluchi says

    who is watching with me in 2019?

  10. alex miller says

    This or a30

  11. Aishik Ashraf says

    Had the S7 Edge Gold till last year. Still one of the most gorgeous looking phone.

  12. cool 123 says

    I feel bad for the note 10. A 3 year old s7 has a better display than it…..

  13. Sick Mick says

    I have metro PC's. So would I buy a gsm unlocked s7 from Amazon to use for metro?

  14. Hey Its dark says

    I broke my s8+ so now I'm getting a s7

  15. Brian Gabriel Laurel says

    S6: 16mp
    S7: 12mp?

  16. exothicc says

    Markass brownie

  17. Ferdus Sarwari says

    I really miss the home screen button..

  18. Yeah, my S7's battery only lasts about an hour….

  19. wagger waffle says

    watching this on my s10 , lmao

  20. dntworryboutmyname says

    low light pictures still ABSOLUTELY suck in 2019

  21. Emilea Hogan says

    Let m guess half of you are watching this on a galaxy S7 so funny

  22. TIK says

    Me: Watches one old video

  23. Acacia poo says

    my s7 heats up after awhile:/

  24. SPARTAN Clarke says

    Is it a set for sweat hands people?

  25. Thomas Thrift says

    was looking over your review and noticed that you finger print (3:29) on the phone is solid enough for pulling your print for a database search. just so you know

  26. tee bag says

    Am buying one next month

  27. Nathan Smith says

    Is watching videos on YouTube good quality?

  28. William Prieto says

    This is a very intelligent person that's doing this description of the phone I live in the southeastern United States and in the state of Georgia this guy will be called a Tom by the way he speaks he speaks very eloquently professionally and ask command of the English language you would not believe how many people live here I hear everyday you can understand because they speak Ghetto speak

  29. x9130 Gaming says

    Watching this on a s10 but had a s7 before, weird looking at its review couple years back

  30. Noman Mahota says

    Still rocking s7 ,❤️👌..I love flat display

  31. Jan Evangel Rodrigo says

    watching this on my s10+ 🤣 & his review on the s7 edge still convinces me to buy one lol

  32. Luke Luke says

    Watching this for some reason on my s10

  33. Sugou Nobuyuki says

    This phone slows down so fast. In comparison, my oneplus 3 from the same year performs much faster.

  34. rag e63 says

    Accidental home button presses ? How the hell is that possible. 2nd: the home button on the s7 is about 10% larger than on the s6. So, what u say makes no sense.

  35. newtubes says

    it’s 2019 i have the iPhone X but y’all don’t understand how much i miss this phone

  36. Roblox Aviator says

    its really good i got it used yesterday but i cant install apps

  37. Insert Name Here says

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that this phone has better specs and battery life than the iphone 8

  38. Fransisco Samara says

    Marques your room is too cramped you should probably get yourself a studio the size of a warehouse

  39. Shari says

    i lost my phone 2 days ago so i'm here mourning 🙁

    typing from laptop

  40. Sky says

    can i get the phone? x)

  41. Tom$onik says

    Well shit, YouTube here we go again in 2019 😂

  42. The King says

    Eddie Murphy!! Lol

  43. Matt Kershino 2 says

    It's crazy how phones have changed in 3 years

  44. Saul villa says

    Oh shit your black!

  45. Joserider123 says

    I am enjoying his hair. Damn how times have changed

  46. J. S. says

    Is this phone still supported by Samsung?

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