Sand Castle Cake

Sand Castle Cake
Here is what you’ll need! Ingredients: 2 boxes yellow cake mix, prepared according to box 2 12 oz tubs buttercream frosting 1 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 cup …

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  1. Delona Greer says

    I think you did a good job and you should be proud that you tried most people couldn't do that 😊😁

  2. Isas Dance says

    Basic af

  3. JamboPlayz says

    I see all these comments saying you forgot to crumb coat and chill. I think they did that on purpose to make it look more like a sandcastle. Like if you agree

  4. stoned platypus says


  5. Ari edits xo says

    Lonely candle

  6. Brycen Freeman says

    didn't really expect that hot mess

  7. Laura Brown says

    Who is watching in 2018

  8. عالم سرين says


  9. aconteceu virou noticia says

    Poderia ter arumado

  10. Hmmm.. I wonder how much calories is in that cake.

  11. Ayuda aaa says

    Lol, i used to eat sand tbh

  12. ilian martell says

    This was really messy

  13. Yawn says

    Even Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking can frost a cake better than this

  14. avocado_ flowercrowns says

    Ughhhh is it just me that is bothered by how they don’t scrape down the side of the bowl

  15. Jayanthi Shivanna says

    Can u guys make eggless macarons

  16. KARAN SINGH says

    Is so yummy channel is a part of your channel

  17. Sela Lewis says

    Every promise
    Don't work out
    That way

  18. Reena Upadhyay says

    A real sand castle looks better.

  19. Iskrem ! says

    Sorry Tasty, but you need to be more gentle and precise with that cake!

  20. Amelia Pitts says

    Hey, sorted made this farrr before ya'll, damn it buzzfeed

  21. Ara Vergara says

    That's the saddest cake i ever seen

  22. Kaliyah Luke says

    Is it supposed to look like that 😬🤢

  23. Block Buster says

    hehey edible sand castle !
    but I'll find difficulty in making it !

  24. Ragnarök the house says

    When I came in here I was expecting there'd be a comment about sortedfood

  25. Huzaifa Arif says

    I'm pretty sure it tastes like sand too

  26. EmilyVonSpears says

    It's sloppy but I get that it's a sand castle.

  27. fawziyah says

    this made the perfectionist in me go crazy…

  28. Princess Alize says

    yummy cake

  29. emily says

    could have been so much better

  30. PeppermintCactus says

    were you guys stoned while you made this or what lmao

  31. Michael Wagner says

    My ass

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