Savage Trolls Who Took It TOO FAR

Savage Trolls Who Took It TOO FAR
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Savage Trolls …

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  1. Anita Sandison says

    In every video there is bad words

  2. Karen Mischko says

    What the oh I just heard a bark from my phone I have a new game called merge dogs and i got a message that scared me just thought I'd let you know

  3. Ethan_ Rowsøn says

    I got a ad with u on it I'm confused

  4. baldi fanandlover says

    My reaction when I found out

  5. RDHardt says

    wendy is savage more savage the the savagest ppl you no

  6. Dylan Chavez says

    Why did I understand the doors instantly 😂

  7. Fiona Ogbaji says

    A man from Nigeria?

  8. Ellisia Catherine says

    Boy: Baby.. Are u cheating on me?
    Girl: Never!!!
    Boy: Will you kiss me?
    Girl: Of course!!
    Boy: Do you like other guys?
    Girl: Noooooo.. I will never!
    Boy: Will you be marry me?
    Girl: I have been waiting for this moment forever..
    Boy: Don't ever leave me

    Read it backwards Lol 🥰

  9. gaming cool says

    Azzy land great job with your hard work keeep it up

  10. Ella Fawn says

    Legend says that that man is still waiting for the p to fall

  11. Nasa Dream says

    My mom:go outside

    Me:takes tablet

    Me again:you can't stop me

    My mom:get of the tablet

    Me:the power of azzy compells you

    My mom:☹️

    Me:take that

    Love you azzy

  12. Sariah_Mazz says

    fun fact: I've had days where my make up (eyeliner/eye shadow and everything) actually survived 2 showers

  13. •GachaNiki_ Playz• says

    Hey azzy if u are really nice plase atleast a HI reply to me (i was on my knees)

  14. 【Vixell•YT】 says

    Always meh

  15. Kaia Lescarbeau says

    I have a hack for if you want to take a shower but you already did your makeup. You can put on goggles so the water doesn't touch your makeup.

  16. Waffles says

    I wonder if that Walmart sign ever feel? 🤔🤔🤔
    BTW love you azzy!!!🙂

  17. Catrina Powell says

    Does anyone else think he looks like Minecraft Steve?

  18. Kuzuwa lu Elf wolf says

    I found 100 dollars but it was cut in half

  19. elemental gamer says

    wow why does she keep saying fashion copmanies instead of food companies

  20. Ava Baker says

    I actually bought that card at the store and gave it my freind for her birthday a month ago

  21. Mariusz EM says

    at 10:02 azzy said oh no in like a different british accent lol

  22. belle thomas says

    im from england azzy!!!

  23. Kekey yasani says

    I would actually be happy if a guy invited me to a champions league night especially the Barcelona ones
    Barca for live

  24. Elixia _Crystal says

    Louis Tomlinson had a change of name lol

  25. Marisa Conditi says

    8:19 Well it sure doesn’t look like the person who posted that picture is helping either.

  26. Sweet Scouts says

    i'm from Nigeria and I am DISGUSTED by things like this. In Nigeria they call it 419 idk why. k. thats it. love your channel azzy. bye.

  27. PandaFuwa Fuwa says

    Yeah I put a lot of guys on friend zone reminding that I don't se them That way kinda makes me feel bad

  28. Roblox God says

    (0.0 )
    (> < )
    U U

  29. Winter Krystal says

    Can this comment get likes even though it’s not funny or genius?
    No? Ok. I’ll just like my own comment…

  30. adxboxchaos says

    During this video I was sewing I don’t know why

  31. Shaylee Kosier says

    I never get my face wet because when I was little I broke the tub so we take bath

  32. Katsuki Bakugou says


    Raise ur hand if u dont really care?

  33. Nova Flix says

    Just put a hair cap on your face

  34. Olivia Dang says

    You know i got that hundred dollar card for my birthday but i only got three dollars from it 😂🤣😂

  35. •g a c h a m i l k• says

    2019 anyone?

  36. Tammy Mcdougall says

    I Love you

  37. Luigi Marsili says

    Wendy's is the #1 roaster!

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