Save Your Food & Your Money With These 18 Storage Hacks!

Save Your Food AND Your Money With These 18 Preservation Hacks! Food Hacks by Blossom
Learn how to save some money while making your food last longer with these DIY hacks! We show you the best hacks to preserve your fruits and vegetables for …

Save Your Food & Your Money With These 18 Storage Hacks!
Source Blossom
  1. The Recap Channel says

    That 🍋 gonna taste Salty.

  2. Allan Carmel says

    These don’t work don’t try them

  3. Urban Carmen says


  4. Melda Cano says

    Great tips.

  5. 러벤 says

    여러번 보고 외워야 할 영상입니다 땡스 베럴~~~~~

  6. Super Niky says

    Every time you put mozzarella in the fridge AN ITALIAN DIES.

  7. Inner doll girl says

    Bugs in flour

  8. Leslie E says

    Loved it!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Victor Sandoval says

    Watch the strawberries clip closely, It's different packages.

  10. Sam McCloud says

    Click bait… you used new flour, so there is no after for the bug flour… Shame on you…

  11. jennifer stephane says

    Very informative. Thank u.

  12. Riley Walsh says

    Unsurprisingly, most of this is total crap. Some of it is actually dangerous. Do not eat soft cheeses after they have developed mold. Blossum, you're going to get someone killed.

  13. XaiOfRelief says


  14. Cute Katx says

    There is never an clean side of molded food

  15. Boen Hang says

    0:00 I thought they were gonna plant them

  16. Jen Love says

    I don't want to freeze, i want eat fresh.
    Remaining methods are ok.

  17. Arthur. Guerra says

    0:55. oh its moldy here i will just cut it and eat the clean part
    Next hour: diarrhea

  18. Floodrax Gaming says


  19. Christa M. Jones says


  20. 먹거리Meokgeori says


  21. Robert Smith says

    Blossom…I bet your the kind of people that sit at home and play with yourself thinking you actually fooled someone with this bullshit.

  22. C King says

    Celery helps bread and bread helps cookies … so it is … helpception? 🧐

  23. Mirai Kuriyama says

    Don't be fooled! (Haha how ironic) Some of these are actually true!

  24. Samantha Ramos says

    Like si hablas español y no entiendes nada cuando vas a los comentarios

  25. Saraphina Donohue says

    Actually adding bay leaves to your flower is a very useful hack to keep bugs away, I originally learned that little fact from a book about herbs.

  26. dawn spriggs says

    As far as the veggies go, yes wash and dry (I wash using apple cider vinegar) for leafy greens I put in food storage bags, but green onions,cilantro, parsley all go in a jar of water in my fridge, keeps fresh longer, and if you are only using the green part of the onion, you can cut what you need, and it will regrow, do change water weekly

  27. Random Sandwich says

    This channel is a joke and should be taken down for false information, such as: salt in milk being dangerous and cutting off mold from cheese when it would still have small bits of mold inside and around the cheese.

  28. Tk says

    Aluminum is poison ….do not use

  29. Life As Bèl says

    When the milk hack appeared I started to smell baby formula🤣

  30. Kincso Fekete says

    1:53 the potatoes grow groots when sees Sun or light.

  31. turtle. necks says

    Pickled cucumbers… are just Pickles.

  32. Mimi Mimi says

    Du sel dans le lait? Berk N'importe quoi !
    Après il y en a qui aime le lait salé donc pourquoi pas

  33. Nadita Ramadhani says

    5:20 you pregnant???

  34. Луња says

    Why I had to watch this?Make few shorter videos and kick out some false things from this one.

  35. Lilieth Brown says

    Thank you for sharing

  36. patrIcia malone says

    If u put a slice of bread in hardened brown sugar it softens up within a few hrs.

  37. Pastelle // says

    What if the bread in the cookies go mouldy? 🤔

  38. Nilofar Salim says


  39. Jusuf Agung says

    Misleading! All of them!

  40. Ruth McCulloch says

    I learned a bunch of good things here.


    Brilliant ideas!

  42. BeardedBarley1 says

    The cheese would get soggy and yucky if soaked in salt water. Also look at the expiration date of the milk. It keeps for awhile by itself without help and so does bread. I have had the same loaf in my fridge for more than three weeks, eating a piece every few days…still no mold.

  43. Bonnie Google says

    Pourquoi ne trouve-t-on jamais la même chose en Français ? Ça va trop vite pour traduire

  44. Nick Narayan says

    I think that was hanky not napkin

  45. Britta Gruber says


  46. Liliandra Lyman says

    I think its hallareous most cheese we eat the little green or blue flakes in it is mold it's just a variety that doesn't harm us and that cheese is literaly milk hardened. Like guess what the blue is in blue cheese. Yea it's a good mold that provides you with nutrients. What's even funnier is some people dont realize mushrooms are a type of good fungus.

  47. Michelle Lynn says

    Mmmmm salty milk! 🥴🤢🤮

  48. Cennet Topaktaş says

    Türkçe yazi yokmu

  49. Arelya Arelya says

    Peynir kaynamış su ve iri tuz olmazsa erir.

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