School Punishments That Went Way Too Far !

School Punishments That Went Way Too Far !
School Punishments That Went Way Too Far! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Wendy Velásquez says

    What if the teachers have kids

  2. Boda Cious says

    Azzy: “monsters aren’t real.”

    Children: suprised pikachu face

  3. Ashley Ardon says

    My techr yeld at me by fixsing a pen

  4. Deciduous Decidueye says

    If I were a teacher, I’ll be a good teacher 😃

  5. sugey alvarez says

    Another amazing video from azzy

  6. its luna moon says

    if a teacher cut my hair i would kick them!!!!!!!

  7. Bottle Flip extra says

    Why teachers why!

  8. The Tuesday Talk show says

    I've heared the full story on 0:25

  9. Cheyenne Dezarn says

    Azzy: It’s 2018
    Me: yupppp….I’m late oof me

  10. Animals rule says

    What do you think the parents are tbinking

  11. kikirau1 says

    If I spilt water my teachers would just make me clean up

  12. Tiko elene says

    i was born in 2010 october 3

  13. maggie and friends says

    My school called children's aid on me because a boy was beating me up so I slapped him.🤔🤔😐

  14. Leeni Raamat says

    In our school when people do bad things our teachers just galk to them and we have 3"! " when all three are gone we are going to another class where is nobody and do our work there.

    BTW love your vids 😍 ❤️

  15. moon girl says

    My dad says if you're not cheating your not trying so if I cheat ( it depends on the subject) my dad ok with it

  16. Mariyam Shaheeda says

    They SAID schools were safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sky Gacha says

    oml these school r so EVIIILLLL!!!!!

  18. Dragon Mite says

    When she said its 2018

    I be like dudeee. >:[]

    Its 2019

    Anyone else who watched this in 2019?????

  19. Nightmare Master says

    In my school we don't have detention but we have a Cars that takes our points away

  20. Karina Mora says

    I love to watch this 👍🏾

  21. Kailey Baychu says

    I love your videos so much that when I watch them when I am sad it cheers me up

  22. Danny Dowman says

    I’m all ways late to school

  23. Firyal Taha says

    its easy to do a handstand for me im a gymast

  24. Avinash Oemrawsingh says

    Te one with the hand my dad had that one time

  25. Gamer Riley says

    If someone cut my hair I would be how about you shut those scissors up your but or kick I could go with both

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