Seasonal Allergy Problems

Seasonal Allergy Problems
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  1. Just a little Fan girl says

    This video is me

  2. timrod94 says

    I go through this 365 days a year! 😞

  3. FuntimeLefty XD says

    EVERY Spring in a nutshell, especially for me T_T

  4. Butterfly Eyes says

    The part I hate the most is “do you have a cold?” NO MY OWN BODY IS TRYING TO KILL ME!

  5. Marley K says

    Lmaoo y’all forgot that part where your eyes are hella itchy

  6. super_sad says

    Sneezed out my tampon once. In the middle of a therapy session. (:

  7. Lydia Schneider says

    Hahahha I can relate to EVERYTHING

  8. Banky The Unikitty says

    I wish i had allergies

  9. Bebi Bani mustafa says

    I sneeze and blow my nose so loud that my classmates can’t hear the teacher 👨‍🏫

  10. Cheri Weber says

    This is so me

  11. Aria Norid says

    Fun story. This one time in History class I broke into a coughing/sneezing fit because of allergies and I couldn't speak. The teacher was standing. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. And he just ignored me like I wasn't dying.

    But yeah, this video is sadly relatable. ESPECIALLY the "chewing with your mouth open" one. IM DORRY I CANT HELP IT UNLESS I WANNA SUFFOCATE!

    If you don't have seasonal allergies…🖕lucky bastards

  12. KelliTovar Vlogz says

    The perfume, flowers, deodorant, tooth paste, pretty much good smelling stuff are our worst enemy's.

  13. panic! at the romance pilots says

    during spring and summer its a war with me and nature pollen is everywhere and im have thise tissues ready

  14. Diana45251 says

    Pollen got me like 😭 🤧😷 the fucken struggle

  15. pastella says

    I hate my eyes being crusted shut when i wake up…not to mention tluf mybears get backed up

  16. Hiba says

    I'm so used to sneezing that I can sneeze w/o making a noise even when the seasonal allergy is gone 😂😂

  17. Sumaiya Rajpura says

    That tissue thing is so true XD

  18. Em Riess says

    People thinking you are joking when you say you are allergic to nature. I'm literally allergic to everything but air and the sun. Cats dogs grass dust tumbleweed mold pollen you name something from outside I'm allergic🤧 allergies have been a major issue my whole life. In elementary school it was so bad I got excused from PE all year.

  19. Sheepish Lion says

    So relatable

  20. thatglamtho says

    seasonal? please i am allergic to bed bugs and dust and this is me all year long

  21. Crystal Chang says

    This is exactly a year ago…

  22. Eric H says

    Does allergy mediation actually work for anyone??? I took two Claritin d and nothing! Also my allergies Come and go through the year makes no sense

  23. Mindy Porter says

    I've lived in the country I feel special because I'm immune to allergies

  24. Bywater Gal says

    When I sneeze, I almost always sneeze again. and again. and again.

  25. Nig Ger says

    the peeing one is sooo true

  26. Sierra Roxanne says

    Totally me??????????

  27. Ms3queen says

    The one where people think you're sick and act like you're a walking disease petri…I know how that one goes. Happened more when I was little, but now less often, but still…I'll try and explain that, no, I'm not actually technically sick, I'm just not feeling good because my immune system thinks that some things are germs when they're not, that's why I'm coughing and having vocal changes and puffy eyeballs and all that junk…people be like, "Ew, don't spread your germs!" still after I've explained that I have no real germs.

  28. Kerri Shaw says


  29. Smile Big says

    Coolish Ideas
    Problem for people with mustaches. 
    Problems for men under 6 ft
    Problems for girls who wear a lot of dresses
    Problems for people who have a weird laugh

    I don't know they just came to mind and I thought they would be funny.

  30. Eduard Pekarovič says

    1:01 me my whole life. My nose is full all the time 😢

  31. cjthecrazygirl says


  32. Meghan McGorty says


  33. sofia72001 says

    me right now

  34. A.J. Miller says

    Yeeeaaahhh we had a really mild winter here in Arkansas and the vegetation never really died. I wonder if you get back problems from sleeping with your head elevated all year round. Gives a whole new meaning to "You've Got a Friend."

  35. CaptainMonocle07 says

    "Do you have pinkeye?"

  36. Leire Mota says

    This is me like every day of my life.

  37. Andrew says

    When you sniffle so much the mucus blocks your throat and you can't breathe and the only way to get it out it awkwardly swallowing like her at 1:01. Damn you, tree pollen!

  38. PcMast3Rac3 says

    0:28, i can relate! tahaha

  39. dani martinez says

    well I am allergic to pollen
    certain trees
    some flowers
    and let's just say my life sucks

  40. violet xx says


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