Secret PHONE HACKS You Have Never Seen !

Secret PHONE HACKS You Have Never Seen !
Secret PHONE HACKS You Have Never Seen ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Lacey Ferguson says

    Remember when you ever you said John Smith he fell through ice it’s a movie called breakthrough it’s based on a real story

  2. kensly robinson says

    azzy if you lose your phone nobody can contact or call you 🙂 haaahh

  3. - A says

    Azzy-“don’t use your phone while charging”
    Me-“who would do that”
    Me-looks at phone…oh

  4. Bored Person says

    I already knew the lyric thing on Apple Music like if you do too


  5. Safi Mahmod says

    I really do that alot

  6. Sharon Lambert says

    They used to have loads but they changed it

  7. G Friend says

    2:09 but if u call the number u will call the phone ur holding
    Or type ur house phone number

  8. Kate Denney says

    So helpful!!

  9. Ayan Islam says

    how are you going to get a call when your phone is not with you. 2:18

  10. Rosalyn Fernando says

    Azzy the phone remotecontroll i am 9years old is that hack is can be on my phone my phone is vivo y11

  11. Chloe pick Xx says

    Did anyone realise that they can’t call you or email you because they have your phone

  12. Mayfox Midnight says

    Cool hacks azzy u amazing

  13. Bella Zame says

    if you put your phone number on your phone wallpaper then people will be calling the lost phone

  14. agam bhullar says

    bless you azzy

  15. XxCute panda gamerxX says

    You know the put phone number on phone background dosent work cause YOUR holding the phone so dat person wouldn’t get the call

  16. Zhang Han Jin says

    Google has lyrics thing too

  17. Gagun Kaur says

    The eraser hack doesn't work
    I tried it
    Was a waste of time

  18. Harold Guidroz says

    I don't really like sans either and p.s.

  19. Harold Guidroz says

    U can also use LG tablets as TV remotes

  20. scott marchione says

    Yeah put your email because also if they have your phone, how are they gonna call youuu??? Unless you have another phone lol!

  21. Gorja Sharma says

    3%batter while watching this video 😂😂😂

  22. Seyanna Nye says

    Whats the point in haveing your phone number on your phone because the person who found your phone will be calling the phone in there hands???

  23. Cool Crew says

    Azzy: I don’t want the whole world to find out my phone number why not just email me
    Me: how do they email you if you only have one devise and that’s it?

  24. Josie WRIGLEY says

    Siri comes automatically in British in England

  25. lilah bertram says

    I’m using my iPad while it is charging right now

  26. Isabelle Thacker says

    Yes. Siri in England is British

  27. Jessica Anguiano says

    …if you loose your phone then nobody can contact you, they have your phone

  28. Ralaine Mamaku says

    Make it blue if u love her vids

  29. Ping LAWSON says

    Australia Australia AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. GirlyGachaGamer says

    I'm South African 🙂

  31. Ash Beautiful says

    Bless you and bless you twice

  32. Angela Jenkins says

    Azzy: dont use your phone while charging
    Me: sees phone Oh ok👌 i won't… *uses phone

  33. Zoe and Maddie TV says

    I wish your phone will never break
    💖love zoe and maddie TV 💖

  34. zd lemole says

    0:56 i DONT CARE!

  35. Gotchaboy 1000 says

    What if I’m charging my phone when I’m watching your videos

  36. Sophia Dao says

    Azzy: Hey Siri

    My Siri:🗣✋🏻

  37. Lauren Powley says

    if you type in song lyrics on youtube you can find the song too

  38. vashana ramesh says

    Who else new ever single one

  39. Sheylin Almeida says

    Bless you lol

  40. Mary Gessner-Peterson says

    Omg. I love my new Siri accent

  41. Mary Gessner-Peterson says

    I was charging my phone just as I heard the life hack where it charges much faster if you turn on airplane mode

  42. Aria Clifton says

    0:50 LIE srry

  43. Aria Clifton says

    0:45 LIE

  44. Alicia Cancel says


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