Secret Thoughts Women Have

Secret Thoughts Women Have
Are my boobs different sizes?” Inspired by this post:

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  1. Melodee Brown says

    I basically think those things! and it is odd but I do it all the time 😂

  2. ssavannahh ssavannahh says

    One of my secret thoughts: is pad showing

  3. PsychoKitty사랑 says

    Am I the only one who isn't afraid to poop with people in the bathroom?

  4. Trish Smith says

    Where do all of my S O C K S go!!??😂😂

  5. Lilly Gonzalez says

    “Did they here me open my pad?”

  6. Charlotte Krob says

    when u wash a bra and it is weirdly tighter than before so you suffocate to death

  7. Life Matter says

    Dam That’s a crazy world they in

  8. qing ye says

    ‘Are the kids being taken care of, or is their dad’s hoe over to take up his time?’

    I’m deleting my post.

    (Using someone’s account)

  9. gulu gulu says

    "What would be like to hook up with that person..?"

  10. Yeet says

    I’m a guy and I have one from dudes. Can people see my boner

  11. Maliah's Dream Gaming says

    Period late stoot I'm I pragnent ohh ya I'm a vergin

  12. Pink Giraffe says

    So relatable honestly

  13. Afsana Putul says

    My head is spinning like a freaking ball ….Ughhhh I need to puke …. Wait! Am I pregnant ?????? But wait I'm a Virgin !!! But still am I pregnant. ???

  14. The AssarV10 Team says

    My whole world is turned upside down.

  15. All The Tea says

    My secret thought is “Wait, am I gay?”

  16. pepperoni cake says


  17. suga yogurt says

    what i thought before clicking this video: did i just have my period

  18. brian law says

    Dear god most are so true

  19. shut the fuck up says

    When you’re a virgin but miss a month of your period

  20. Moonshade says

    “Why did I tell my crush i have anxiety?” That’s literally all i think about at night lol.

  21. Monica Martinez says


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