Seeing Your Ex With Someone Else

Seeing Your Ex With Someone Else
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  1. Vroom Clap says

    this just hit too hard

  2. u12play007 says

    Never Sweat The Small Things When You Know Nothing Last Forever. Repeat this line 1000 times a day and before you know, Ex becomes as small as an "ant"…….Do you sweat the "ant"…..? Get real…………………………..You are welcome.

  3. aleks says

    i’m watching this again now cause yesterday i went out and my ex was there with his new gf and it hurts soooo bad

  4. Julian Bomers says

    This happend to me 2 weeks after the break up. I saw her kissing a guy at a party. Broke my heart. U live and you learn. Still, wouldn’t wish this up on my worst enemy.

  5. Plush Honey says

    Except it’s my best friend

  6. Walter Lawrence says

    If he is an EX, why would you care ?

  7. izhabellissima says

    No matter how long it's been, it will always make your heart ache a bit…

  8. Mark Williams says

    after you cheated/rejected him how many times? You have got to be kidding me.

  9. Kathleen says

    i actually felt hurt watching this :{

  10. Shristi Nath says

    I've started shipping these two goddamnit

  11. sumit shivanand says

    I am near to death imagining it happen to me because recently she dumped me 🙁

  12. hey there says

    My bf and i are fine but I feel like he broke my heart after watching this 😂😂

  13. Diane N says

    that pause after "we're" and with that face? lol

  14. BIG DADDY peach says

    Make this a Netflix series

  15. Scarlett Kathryn Rose says

    it hurts even worse when they dumped you for that person 😭😭😭

  16. its a bop lmak says

    My partner told me today she was polysexual but liked three other people but not me and I am crying so hard. I swear no one will ever like me.. 😭

  17. Milleigh Lopez says

    the first time i saw him with another woman twisted my stomach. it hurts so much down to my core. My heart breaks into million pieces.

  18. Kanan Tensubam says

    😭😭😭missing you

  19. Sam Basina says

    I miss this kind of videos

  20. ToxicAngel 69 says

    Where's my lonely squad🙁

  21. Estella says

    Why can I relate to this even though he isn’t technically my ex

  22. Nathaniel Phinney says

    Watching this made me want to throw up.

  23. Vanlal Jayant says

    Omg that is painful!!

  24. fairydiminie says

    the fact that the actor playing this actually looks like my ex makes it 10 times worse.. 😞

  25. Areeb Hussain says

    Eww she's Indian

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