Sex Now Vs. Sex For Your Parents

Sex Now Vs. Sex For Your Parents
Your parents had more sexual partners? MUSIC Lucky In Love Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX Provided by Audioblocks Made by …

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  1. I have the same pink teddy bear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  2. Hooray Bagels says

    Maybe we can't get married because the economy doesn't let us get married.

  3. Shaddai Griffin says

    Who else actually pressed this by accident?

  4. Kay Kay says

    Is it just me or is the stuffed animal porn making me comfortable

  5. Violet Creativity says

    Me looking at these decimals like: how do you have a seventh of a baby?

  6. Just Paige says

    The reason only 20% of people now are getting married is because they realized they have to take it sloooow.

  7. Este says

    Only 56 percent ? thats still very low for this kind of thing tbh

  8. Katelyn G says

    Why did I want to watch this?

  9. Pastels World says


  10. Mossears133 says

    Old folks may have gotten married more often, but they're also getting divorced more often too…..

  11. Lily Cortès says

    Bruh how are there decimals when they say they have 11.68 partners like is this where two and a half men come in?

  12. Someone Special says

    so american…

  13. Sol and Toothless Channel says

    How do you have .6 of a sexual partner

  14. Max Metodiev says

    why did you have to do it with stuffed animals

  15. solenne miller says

    The teen birth rate has gone down because of abortions. #prolife

  16. manukahoney says

    im sure the decrease in teen births have a lot to do with access to abortion and contraceptives.

  17. Soumeya Gelmo says

    I can never see stuffed animals the same way after this video

  18. Jessica Y. says

    what do you mean?

    don't tell me you read that while singing the song( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

  19. emcant even says

    it needs to be 100% acceptance

  20. Kumi12341 says

    You ruined stuffed animals for me!

  21. Carly Owen says

    I wouldn't say millennials were "nailing it"

  22. Julia Larocque says

    I'd to say, just because you don't get married doesn't mean you don't like commitment. Some people may not want to get married and that's okay.

  23. SEB1991SEB says

    I'd like to see how many people used contraception now vs. then

  24. My 86 year old grandma had my dad at 17. Imagine that in her era. :p

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