Shepherd's Pie Twice-Baked Potato • Tasty

Shepherd's Pie Twice-Baked Potato • Tasty
This hearty meat and potato dish can be made using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Joe says

    The other comments are missing the point why was is shot in this screen ratio. Didn't watch

  2. Mr Mad Mothy says

    The very soul of my British self is triggered. From my crooked teeth to my pointy top hat like you Americans assume. Now you miss name a Cottage Pie? You have gone too far and I still have not forgot what you done with Yorkshire Puddings, i'm telling Her Majesty! B(

  3. it looks like our empanada

  4. Leslea Maxwell says

    Lamb. Period. Leftovers from a Sunday roast would be preferable. Beef is cottage pie. Also period.

  5. daddyquatro says

    Lol. Reading through the comments.
    I'll call it Cottage pie when the brits quit calling cookies "biscuits"

  6. daddyquatro says

    I love this idea! Two of my favorite things.
    But CANNED peas and carrots? Gross.

  7. Jason Yang says

    Its Shepard's pie, even if its beef. I've never seen a restaurant or market call this cottage pie. I've never heard of cottage pie or the difference with lamb.

    You guys are nitpicking.

  8. Malcolm Avocado says

    would be much nicer with bolog

  9. Sponge Boi says


  10. Haley Faragalli says

    I love potatoes

  11. Technically and historically speaking cottage pie was used to mean any pie that used meat with a mash potato top (the mash is the important bit here not the meat and the term first used in the 18th century) it was only in the 20th century that the term shepherds pie differentiated from cottage pie due to it having lamb. I find it interesting that the US chose shepherds pie as the catch all name for a minced meat with mashed potato top rather than the original already umbrella term of cottage pie. My point is that a shepherds pie can be a cottage pie but a cottage pie can not be a shepherds pie but lets be honest does it really matter what they call it when at the end of the day it is just a "mince and tattie" pie. What is the point of getting upset about it?

  12. Meg Beck says

    Love how it says (or lamb). No, lamb is required, beef is cottage pie

  13. I need to try this!!!

  14. tjthemute says

    You could make this vegan pretty easily.

  15. lRomez says

    How did I know they would mix up Shepherd’s with Cottage pie before I even watched it.

  16. Leels Cooks says

    Looks dry

  17. TheLostCandy YT says

    Everyone on the comment section literally debating whether that was a Shepherd's Pie or a Cottage Pie. Meanwhile, I'm just here not knowing what the heck those two are. I'm too asian for that shit ahahahhahaha

  18. Jan Verschueren says

    Wrong kind of meat for shepard's pie, carrots added too late and peas too early, both filling and mash too wet for a satisfactory result.

    Otherwise a creative idea which I will steal.

  19. Rob Curran says

    Eeeeeewwww. Tinned carrots? How hard is it to buy and cut it yourself? Laziness at its best.

  20. BRUCE ASKEW says

    That looks great but dontcha gotta use lamb

  21. mae haha says

    Does anyone know how many calories this has?

  22. sana tl says

    OMG what is this😍😍😍

  23. Louis Gabriel says

    Whoever calls this beef mince dish a 'shepherd's pie' is a TRAITOR TO ENGLAND. Off with their heads!

  24. cookingfororalcancer says

    This looks delish!

  25. Poonam smart kitchen says


  26. Biggie Cheese says

    Pro tip, boil the potatoes instead of baking, the skins get a little fragile when baked but they retain a slight elasticity when boiled.

    Also, that's a Cottage Pie. I know it's a pedantic and somewhat pointless distinction, they're both meat and potato pies, prepared identically, cooked and served identically, but I think that's why the distinction should matter.

    All Pasta is made with the same ingredients, but we call them different names when they're cut and folded into shapes, they're pretty identical, except for that one detail that makes all the difference, no one would say that bow ties and angel hair are the same thing, so why would you say a Cottage Pie is a Shepherd's Pie?

    Call it what it is man, so what if it's a Cottage Pie, it still tastes really good and is easy to make and the ingredients are easier to acquire. Or you know, you're making a cooking show, get some lamb chops and grind them up if you have to, but you really should have some ground lamb if you're gonna call it a Shepherd's Pie, this is great, but it's no Shepherd's Pie.

  27. aggresivcanadian says

    Paté chinois

  28. GANESH PRABHU says


  29. Poo Dan says

    Whatever the name, it's a cool holiday dish. Everybody gets his own personal pie… with cheese!

  30. Randy Marsh says

    This is a cottage pie you fucking twats

  31. Rossana faye says

    This isn’t shepherd’s pie, it’s cottage pie because they used beef mince instead of lamb.

  32. Slate Fielder says

    Where's the gravy

  33. Matthew Lewis says

    Tasty you should know better !!

  34. trini says

    Pie is pie.

  35. Essem Sween says

    Do yourself a favour and DON'T use Tinned Carrots & Peas in this dish. It's a great idea to put the 'Pie' be it Cottage/Beef or Shepherd/Lamb inside the Potato, but the God-Awful taste of the tinned veg will ruin it. Use frozen, even one of those Peas & Carrots mixes, it won't alter the cooking time, or if it does it'll only be by 10 minutes, and it will be worth every single extra minute.

  36. Victory Uber Red says

    This is perhaps the most compact way of enjoying Shepherd's Pie, utilizing potatoes as the crust itself.

  37. Jane-Ann Armstrong says

    Needs Gravy!

  38. Gabe says


  39. David Black says

    This recipe should be called Cottage pie twice baked potatoes because Shepherds pie has lamb or mutton and this has ground beef!

  40. Recipes AM says

    See my caramel filled chocolate recipe

  41. Kate says

    In the US Shepherd's Pie does have beef because of migrants and the cost of lamb is much higher here. It's widely known as Shepherd's Pie here. It's like a dialect, it's wrong to your origin but it's right to ours.

  42. Kate says

    I have a friend who would love this! And I would love to pack this for a winter hike/picnic.

  43. NIAAOMI says

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  44. Hihowru Too says

    face reveal

  45. Ricky V says

    ground beef? chef ramsay does not approve.

  46. Arshy Vlogs says

    Your Always here with new stunning easy recipes 😍👌

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