Short Rib Ragù

Short Rib Ragù
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  1. Jc Larcon says

    amazing recipe was looking for the longest and I am glad your girlfriend liked it.  for all those stupid Nazi antigay retards below stop complaining you will not think so negatively if they were a straight couple, so get over it.

  2. Christopher Salas says

    I came here for the recipe, and stayed for the narration.

    Maybe I want to hear the backstory of a dish being made; cultural, family, tradition, etc. Being gay myself, I am attached to this story because I hope I can find a partner as loving as these two are to each other. You all want a recipe, but don't want the possibly heartfelt story behind it, and that's unfortunate.

  3. Cover says

    Comments: people who have no one to eat this dish with

  4. Chef Danky Dave says

    You talk too much about your life, just give me the recipe.

  5. random dude says

    Puts sauce on top of pasta instead of tossing it
    Italians: REEEEEE

  6. June Raw says

    Watch video with no sound she annoying idc!!!

  7. Christian Raigosa says

    So I’m reading through these comments about people not wanting to hear your life story, or that they just want the recipe, etc.
    My take is that they are missing the whole point of why we spend time prepping and experimenting with our meals. I truly enjoyed your story. I’m going to try a variation of what you did here. Looking forward to report back how great it was.

  8. Mike Illmatic says

    I came here to learn a food recipe, I left learning about a lesbian relationship along with a food recipe……

  9. Saru Maldice says

    what's with the stupid ass narration, i'm just here for the ragu

  10. El guapo says

    These bitches need some dick in their lives 🍆

  11. Quiet Madness says

    What fucking difference does it make what the lifestyle of the cook is? I didn’t need to hear about her Amber 246 times, didn’t need to see her shaved man cut, their bullshit “love u babyyyy” greeting, or her queer kid story. I came hear for a fixing short rib recipe, but you alphabet activists had to insert your agenda. Bullshit Tasty. 🙄 Stick to food. Zero backstory needed.

  12. IA TV says

    What was her girlfriend's name again

  13. ParkerP929 says

    Wow, this is really gay

  14. Mariah had a little Lamb says

    god is this storytime or cooking?

  15. weas-el says

    That looks DELICIOUS.

  16. BachieGaga 9 says

    Fucken lezzo narrating. What next. Fuck off.

  17. Tommy Graddy says

    What does being gay got to do with cooking #AMBER

  18. Starcat productions says

    Awwwwww dis is cute!

  19. ronay vlogs Roman says


  20. _c_d_c says

    Bizarre backstory was fairly unnecessary

  21. The Number Juan says


  22. Easy Breezy says

    My god you’re annoying

  23. Daniel Holmberg says

    I feel like BuzzFeed always manages to sneak in a very suddle liberal message in every video. Although this wasn't very suddle

  24. S Armstrong says

    Cant we just talk about the recipe.. like why should we care about how you were a queer kid…so annoying

  25. Celestial Scripture says

    Great dish, spare us the propaganda.

  26. daniel hart says

    came here for the sauce, not to hear someone blattering about his or her, whatever that may be, private life.

  27. Tommy Graddy says

    naw you gonna be mommy 2 that make the short rib ragu

  28. Junior Mafia says

    Her girlfriend didnt use her mouth only to eat that night

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