Short Ribs Stuffed Sticky Rice As Made By Chef JJ Johnson

Short Ribs Stuffed Sticky Rice As Made By Chef JJ Johnson
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  1. chicken nugget says


  2. BRETMAN DUCK says

    Ayyyeee…Were are my Asians at?

  3. Eulo Silver Villaseñor says

    Who else is Asian

  4. Nick Bowman says

    More JJ

  5. Vanessa Shantae says

    The awkward in his voice is cute

  6. Joseph Stalin says

    that food i not tasty is tastes like shit like mohamed salami crap

  7. GemmyJellyBeans says

    I had never heard of using cinnamon in savoury dishes until I met my husbands grandma who is Greek. She uses it in her meat dishes all the time and it's amazing!

  8. Your_local_dog_eater Pham says

    When i got eat a a resturant all my brother eats is….. RICE

  9. Lamia 208 says

    I wonder how weird it would be for him to pick his nose.JK looks delicious!

  10. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 36,201st!

  11. Paula Ariola says

    Can you use brown rice

  12. Kirb Time says

    Rice balls are square shaped.

    *Kowalski analysis

  13. insert something witty here says

    The video says that it's rice balls, but he uses square mold and the end result is cubes??? Am I missing out on something?

  14. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Nice 👌

  15. my filipino ass would just grab a spoon, fork, and a large water bottle and just eat it all up

  16. Banana Isis says


  17. EDEN ETIENNE says


  18. Gk peduli says

    his nose thou

  19. Shean Don says

    Click bait…….no balls no culture

  20. gundam nerd says

    Is away cool to see an idian chef cook with love and fashon

  21. IDGAF🤙 says

    sticky dirt

  22. Jesus Hoyos says

    Delicioso la voy a hacer

  23. Saif Tutorials says

    These are not rice balls, these are squares.
    Who is agree?

  24. Sanaa Elcock says

    I live in Barbados 🇧🇧 BIN FUH LIFE

  25. Emma Thomas says

    Come by and make it

  26. PING ZELDA says

    Sticky rice and pork grill its just an ordinary day in my country

  27. Parjana Dhe says

    Sticky rice in Indonesia called "ketan"

  28. Betty Liu says

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that it’s not a ball…

  29. M M says

    I would go one step further and Grill those like a yaki-onigiri

  30. Jeremy Alexander says

    That is a beautiful dish. I'm gonna try that tomorrow night. Finally some more interesting food on this channel.

  31. Hermione Granger says

    correction: Rice cubes 🍚

  32. Hermione Granger says

    Lol I love rice balls 🍙

  33. M00N M4N says

    looks at thumbnail
    You know JJ had to do it to em.

  34. Cory Tolbin says

    Looks delicious.

  35. Naomilou05 says

    You should try and make that stretchy ice cream thing that's going around!

  36. Sir Francis says

    Well…my balls are round…

  37. Ed Jackson says

    That… that ain’t no ball.

  38. Pişir Bakalım says

    Very good 💕

  39. Tuxedo Mask Jin says

    that thumbnail… he had to do it to em

  40. Third High Productions says

    STONERS! Peep Out My Dank Content! 😀

  41. Kushan says

    God as my witness i am making this

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