Signs Your Boyfriend Has A Sister

Signs Your Boyfriend Has A Sister
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  1. Maddie says

    Y’all if any of you date my brother to hope you realise he is nothing like this 😂

  2. Aprrajita Sharma says

    Best video on buzz feed !

  3. Sam of the Stars says

    When you’re a boyfriend who grew up AS a sister

  4. Kierah Jenkins says

    this boy must’ve been such a good brother to his sister, my brother practiced wwe moves on me and made me put the seat down

  5. Allison Cromer says

    This is the cutest thing ever

  6. Alicia Sandoval says

    Do you mean….was a GOOD brother

  7. Oscar Mendoza says

    Who's that ginger? So cute. I want him for me

  8. Benjamin Schuyler says

    this is rantaro with kaede

  9. Deland.James says

    I love this. R.i.p sis. miss you everyday.

  10. Emilie M says

    I got the feels

  11. Michelle Valentine Blue says

    I feel like guys with sisters are just that much more respectable. Especially if his sister and him are on good terms. They treat their gfs/wife the way they would want a guy to treat their sister.

  12. asmaa says

    hes so cuteee awh

  13. Little G Joyful Tunes says

    Yep, my boyfriend has 3!

  14. OpiateAiko says

    Lol my bf has a sister and all he does is yell at me all day

  15. Beauty united says

    Ok now make a video on how to train your brother to be like this for her gf… I mean my brother is very hygenic(thank god for that) but he is nothing lyk anything shown in the video… I mean hats off to this guy's sister❤️😂
    Like if you hv a brother who hv none of the above traits

  16. Thea Cook says

    How you bout to have a boyfriend but not know that he has any siblings

  17. Archisha Gomez says

    Why is this thing even on my recommendation??

  18. Nicole Bremner says

    Or maybe just signs your bf is a nice person?

  19. Emma Moser says

    My one and only brother grew up with FIVE younger sisters, and it’s made him the biggest sweetie of a guy and an awesome boyfriend to his girl. 😊

    Funnily enough, the reverse happened with me: my bro’s core group of guy friends were my “older brothers” growing up, and to this day I feel more comfortable being “one of the guys” than hanging with other women. 💁‍♀️

  20. crookshanks 143 says

    waitt….Are these Threadbangers???

  21. Cocopop 854 says

    result: he’s gay

  22. GachaLuv YT says

    He looks like my seventh grade math teacher…

  23. Ajeng B says

    As an older sister… i do many of these things to my little brother, i hope he grew up to be a great man someday🥺

  24. Always Bored says

    He kinda looks like Rob from Threadbanger

  25. Jailan P says

    My older brother had his girlfriend sit on the ground while he sat on the couch and did her hair and my sister and I were like “wow, we taught him well…”

  26. Gacha Todoroki says

    I love this video! They are so cutee😄❤️

  27. Dreamer 39 says

    Signs your boyfriend is gay

  28. Dreamer 39 says


  29. Maria M says

    I read the title as signs that my sister has a boyfriend 😂😂

  30. aisha kulkarni says

    Why should I be looking for Signs? He'll tell me if he has one. If it was called "when your boyfriend has a sister", would be less of a loophole lol

  31. Alexis Akira says

    She doesnt have a sister..

    Doesnt know how to make a ponytail at 13.

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