Signs You're The Organized Friend

Signs You're The Organized Friend
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  1. kate says

    This is me lol. It can be a problem sometimes.
    (but I'm that rude about the inside of my house. I can clean it up)

  2. Vanessa Tarcak says

    When my family members touch stuff in my room and try to place things differently i lose my 💩

  3. Sophia Anna says

    Monica Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Susan Rosario says

    I don’t think she’s organized, she’s a perfect neat-freak robot. And not in a good way 👀

  5. Maheen Doha says


  6. Kari Myhran says

    Monica Geller 101

  7. #Found Francis says

    okay, I’m kind of organized, but this video is just plain annoying

  8. Zoopley says

    Signs you're Monica Gellar

  9. hellsely2 soydemir says

    I wanna be that person but but damn i am too lazy

  10. briar rose says

    i am the friend who forgot to bring key meh

  11. Anais Watterson says

    My lord who are you?!

  12. I AM says

    Monica geller

  13. Goldilocks Gamer says

    I watch these videos and my friends would agree I am the mom but I am also the person who all my friends rely on so still the mom

  14. kaciya aby says

    This will be always my dream🙄

  15. steel heart says

    Aka not me

  16. Anonymous says

    Literally me.

  17. sugeet sood says

    Signs that you are Monica

  18. stephanie waring says

    😂😂😂 triggered

  19. 256 says


  20. Wriller _ says

    This video: Sign You're the friend who has OCD

  21. Äddison Leigh says

    Apparently she goes to bed at 4:46😂

  22. Kim K. says

    Do people actually live like this??!

  23. Rebecca.Nicole says

    I hate when people say wanna hang out and I’m like I need details

  24. Anna says

    Lol same I also make like three Pinterest boards and spend 10+ hours on outfit planning whenever I'm going on vacation (Also pack at least 1 extra outfit for everyday)

  25. Renata Guillorme says

    Haha if she’s so organised then why is one strong longer on the hood than the other one….. 0:50…. not impressed

  26. Adelene Nguyen says

    1:23 go to there and look at the time on her phone lolol this is kinda wierding me out

  27. Adelene Nguyen says

    does anyone else realize that wen see turned on her alarm to go to sleep it was 4 pm??

  28. αиgιє ναlєитιиα says

    I relate, but I'm not organized. I just have a lot of time on my hands and are overly excited about everything

  29. alesia maria says

    monica geller be like

  30. Nonjudgmental Teenmom says

    Anyone notice her phone said 4:46pm lol

  31. Lyrics by talia says

    Monica geller who ?

  32. Aesthetic Koala says

    I do the hangout thing and its frustrating if someone ask me to hangout

  33. Tia Ruby says


  34. Abigail Bickerdike says


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