Simple Natural to Edgy Korean Style Makeup tutorial

Simple Natural to Edgy Korean Style Makeup tutorial.

Happy Wednesday! or maybe Tuesday for some of you guys 😀 I’ve been rocking my new hairstyle with an Edgy makeup look for the past month and I got a lot of …

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  1. nak won says

    You're really awesome & beautiful love you do much

  2. 초코링 says

    So beautiful! But eyeline doesn't look like korean style t.t

  3. You remind me a bit of IU 😍 BTW. Love your channel 💓

  4. Lehandra says

    like los que hablan español

  5. Lévine Heng says

    Hi!! I really love your videos! But why you don't show your foundations? I like the effect so it will be verry fun to see how you do it :))

  6. shuhada z says

    Hi, can i know what is the colour of your conrtact lense and what brand, thanks!!

  7. HeyIts Ella G. says

    I really idolize you and sometimes do your make up tutorial, i hope you keep doing it. can you do a bad girl look .oh she looks like sooyoung from snsd haha

  8. Izabel N says

    You always have the most beautiful hair color ! How are you able to change it so often ? What type of color is it? As always, your videos are so wonderfully made. Xoxo

  9. lit709 says

    Woaw, I'm here just binge watching your videos! You're so pretty and talented, I can watch your videos all day long 🙂 keep up the good work! ♥

  10. Osnat Gerzon says

    Amazing and I love your short hair!! 🙂

  11. eva bliar says

    you are soooooo beautiful and cute

  12. D and A says

    u look like sooung from girls generation

  13. Kathy Lou Yana says

    you look like sooyoung 😍

  14. Kang Hajin says

    When you smile you look like Sooyoong from SNSD

  15. ChocoKat says

    Your voice is so soothing! Loved the tutorial <3

  16. DanVy Tran says

    your skin is perfect! a skincare routine, please 🙂

  17. starseer73 says

    ahh it looks so good

  18. Grey Dion says

    the filter you use on your videos is so flattering.

  19. LENNY says

    amazing look 😍 i was just looking for one like this you helped me a lot and you're so beatiful with this different hairstyle 💕 i'm in love with your videos ;3

  20. Rose London says

    This is such a great look! So creative and different, not just the usual eyeliner and eyeshadow eye look <3

  21. Iyn Gan says


  22. Mesmi says

    I love your hair! . You look stunning! If you are ever in Korea, let's go make up shopping!
    I love how you edit your videos. It is a lot easier to learn these make up tricks! You are doing a great job! Keep it up 😀

  23. Carol's Choice says

    Love your make up tutorial and hope you share some hairstyle tips especially the beautiful hair in this video!!! Really Really looking forward to watching some hair style videos!!

  24. Christina Yang says

    hair tutorial please? ??

  25. heyitsfeiii says

    Cheek dimples <3 hehe so cute!

  26. Giulliana says

    Oh my gosh cutieeee 💕😭

  27. Natalie Chiu says

    Love the editing of your video. The plum lipstick as eyeshadow base is a great alternative to burgundy eyeshadow, such a brilliant idea!

  28. Ran Zhao says

    You are gorgeous!!!! And i really really like this makeup look 😍😍😊it's super easy to learn and useful!

  29. 夏婉 says

    Welcome back~^^

  30. Evelyn Cheung says

    I really love your tutorials. The details in the corner of the video helps a lot! Thanks for another great video. Have a lovely day 😀

  31. Devi Juniaty says

    you like sooyoung snsd

  32. Joana Marie says

    I hope you're fine and doing well eonnie 🙂 God bless you! Xoxo 😚😙

  33. めろりん says

    This look is so lovely and the products are so minimal…!! And your short hair really does suit you <3

  34. Anna Luisa says

    Your skin looks flawless! 🙂

  35. Pony Unnie says

    OMG It's so pretty ! And I really like the differents ways to put lipstick on, it's very elegant ! 😀
    love from France 💕👍

  36. Maha rashid says

    we missed you , hope you are feeling better now 🙂

  37. siva pei says

    Gorgeous look! Definitely gonna try!💁

  38. Lily Salgado says

    Your face is so freakin gorgeous omg so flawless! please don't stop making tutorials 🙂

  39. Laurayt89 says

    Just gorgeous!!! Hair and makeup!!! I love it!!

  40. Ruby says

    As beautiful as ever, Sichen 🙂
    Love the way you use lip color as eyeshadow

  41. Ann Kim says

    the lipstick omg i need it

  42. 애나Anna says

    I like your video!!<3

  43. Chloe Shi says

    Omg perfection on so many levels!!!

  44. constellationalize says

    I absolutely love your new hair!!!!! <3 <3

  45. HTTEA says

    Can i please ask which filter/overlay you are using for your videos to make them have a pink look? It looks very pretty and soft. Whenever i try to film a video the color turns out very yellow/orange.

  46. Mayela G says

    OH MY GOD BABY, this haircut suits you so well! As usual, amazing <3

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