Single Women Share Their Dating and Rejection Horror Stories

Single Women Share Their Dating and Rejection Horror Stories
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  1. Melissa Sparkles says

    Here's to hoping to never have a story like the ones in this video.

  2. Hufflepuff710 says

    My most cringe-worthy moment: I was at a house party of salsa dancers and a guy I'd never seen before asked me to dance. I thought, "Okay, nothing too out of the ordinary" because salsa is a social dance, and you dance with everybody there, and it means nothing romantic. Well instead of salsa he pulled me in to him for a close, slow dance, was very obviously trying to kiss me as I kept my head turned away from him avoiding him (he had his face really close to mine which is why I turned away). Like, I had just met this guy less than five minutes ago, slow tf down!!! But I felt like it would be rude to walk away mid-dance, so for some stupid reason I was going to just stick it out and bear through it for the remainder of the song. THEN the super cringe-worthy thing happened. He took my hand and put my thumb in his mouth. I was just like "WFT?!?!" and high-tailed it out of there mid-song after that. He sat in the corner of the room sulking at staring at me for a while before finally leaving the party.

  3. pravin sonawane says

    I miss a date…….no experience of date…….any lady interested…..9923657134

  4. yooji16 says

    really buzzfeed….you guys really used to the wrong "too" in the caption "just way to into himself" SMH

  5. Arifah says

    went on a date with a guy and deadass ten minutes in he was talking about baby names

  6. Peter Xiong says

    That first story sounds like one of those pranks where the dude has an earpiece and is being told by someone else what to say.

  7. J Tz says

    *just way TOO into himself.

  8. Kulsoom Campwala says

    I love hearing this !

  9. Kulsoom Campwala says

    Handsome men are rarely single ! Good that he told you from the start.

  10. Kulsoom Campwala says

    Great ovaries !!!! 🙂 Haha!!

  11. Kulsoom Campwala says bird !!!

  12. mareir says

    Touch my stomach, get a fork in the eye.

  13. Dana Feldstein says


  14. Arialle Lee says

    The second girl …… seems like she kept meeting the serial killer type……….

  15. Mery I says

    Who‘s the actor thoooooo

  16. XiXi Gonzales says

    She had the PERFECT opportunity to say “OkCupid” as a pun…

  17. Shannon 025 says

    When I was 18 a guy came into my work and told me I was a reincarnated bird demon. He said it like he was flirting though? Some people are just weird.

  18. maria ventura says

    I had the same problem! Some guy is like just talking about himself the whole time. I knew all about his life and he never asked me a question. I just was like his therapist and sitting listening. It was nice that he was open. But he did ask if I were to not call him.. He wanted to know what he did wrong


    Baby bird!!!! 😂😂😂

  20. Crimson Raven says

    I should be on this show… I've got some stories..!

  21. Melissa Cara says

    It would be easier to feel sympathetic if these girls tried to come across as somewhat likable. Especially the first girl was so off putting.

  22. Marco Baptista says

    not gonna lie the lady who was talking about the male actor actually seemed like the obnoxious judgmental one

  23. luckyDancer100 says

    Lmao so the guy, who was 28, couldn’t date women his own age because they were too baby crazy? I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m 30 and it’s not even on my radar.

  24. Italiana 7 says

    The fact that she doesn’t believe the government is involved shows she’s not very intelligent

  25. Galette says

    "I could die right now" LOOL preach

  26. Shannon Brophy says

    I'm watching her speak and try to figure out her hair style the entire video….is it a new style?

  27. Santi 0880 says

    I kinda dont believe this chic..

  28. Eris Rivera Galán says

    She gives me April ONeil 1990's vibes

  29. Livia Paz says

    Ok but the way Stephanie told the stories was just hilarious, I loved her hahah

  30. Elizabeth Ann says

    The only blind date I ever went on was bad. He was not interested in me at all. I was trying to get to know him. Also I had to drive us both. He did not dress nicely. He did not smell good or even neutral, it was only and musty. I could not find a way to get out of the date for hours after. When I finally got away and back to my place the first thing I told my roommate was he didnt even smell good. That said it all. We never talked again and I couldn't have been happier.

  31. Harridira Sivagnanam says

    This is why I never want to date.

  32. A Little Bit of Everything says

    I've never gone out on a date…I'm pretty ok with that.

  33. debrahamz says

    I cried so hard at "Steve from Blue's Clues" brooooooo

  34. lorewren07 says

    I’ll never get over the time a guy told me he wasn’t looking for anything serious, he just “wanted a muse.”

  35. Matalia Lorenzo says

    I am Single

  36. Perseo Dymantos says

    We need more of this!!!

  37. Kianna G says

    Please change the text to the correct the "way to into himself" into "way too into himself" PLEASE!!! It's killing me

  38. VintageShee says

    2:05 you really coulda suggested not eating a snack while watching this 🤢

  39. Stephanie :0 says

    Hygiene is so important. 😷

  40. Kate Rose says

    Stephanie: You don’t own them ANYTHING!

  41. D Calhoun says

    "Want me to regurgitate in your mouth a little?"
    I SCREAMED so loud!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I dont know whether to be creeped out or find it hilarious! Its creepily hilarious!

  42. nancy willaert says

    Oh my first date called me doll, so told him look don’t like that. He’s answers was but your petite! My friends where nearby and one of them is a boy said so loud, hey how long will it take till cat hits him? He stared at me and I said what I’m petite you said so. He laughed green. Never got a date with him he was polite for sure. I know I was an angry young lady with a heavy backpack but I have sworn no man either date, husband and for sure not my stepfather would yell, or harm me no more. So learned to fend myself and be tough. For a lot of my friends I was reliable there for them. Yes I’m married but still tough if needed

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