Slow-Cooker Applesauce & Apple Butter

Slow-Cooker Applesauce & Apple Butter
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  1. HelloBaby says

    We usually drive to Tennessee to get our apple butter but I’ll definitely have to give this a try.

  2. Brian the Trainer says

    My easier version is put cut apples in a blender or magic bullet, put in any spices, blend, and then slow cook it in a sause pan 🤤

  3. Violet Dagger says

    To anyone who’s done this recipe before: Can you give your best alterations to the recipe that’ll make it actually good. I keep seeing comments on the app about adding less cinnamon or more sugar and I’m getting a little frazzled. And the separating without measuring part doesn’t help either 😫

  4. Linghui L says

    I never eat applesauce

  5. Classy Queen says

    AMAZING! but..10 days is not a lot of time to eat all that for a small household. 🙁

  6. Bishop Karas says

    If I wanted to convert this all into apple butter. Would I need to just 2x the ingredients for the apple butter (nutmeg, vanilla cinnamon, brown sugar) or would I 1.5x the ingredients instead? Would appreciate opinions and answers

  7. ThatWeirdGirl says

    Look at all the morons who think some random loser called “Chef John” invented cooking apples! So many stupid people! 😱

  8. Nick Sande says

    Now if only tasty wouldnt skip te part of sterilizing the glasses and making it safe to keep it for way longer than 10 days… Would it be that difficult to add that or do you not trust your viewers to do so and later complain about it going bad….

  9. Gedankengaenger Arts says

    For a Zero Waste version just use the old apples that doesn't look that beautiful anymore and you would probably just throw away. It will taste the same or a little sweeter because of the ripeness and no it won't make you sick if you just cut the bad spots away! 🙂

  10. Its a teen life says

    Hi, are you looking for more great recipes, both sweet and savoury? Then, make sure to head on over to my channel. Thank you and Have a great day ahead!!!

  11. Victoria Cagande says

    I didn’t know apple butter is a thing but it’s making my mouth water 🤤

  12. Danny Lieberwirth says

    cool guess yall watch chef john too. doesnt look like its cooked long enough though

  13. Laasya S says

    It’s apple jam not apple butter

  14. rado2103 says

    Great work, Chef John!

  15. Poonam smart kitchen says


  16. Untamed Artist says

    I hate Apple sauce so much

  17. iCanHasCoolUsername says

    Mmmm, fresh, warm applesauce is the best!
    My grandma made it on the stove when I was a teenager, I didn’t know if I would like it warm (I’d only ever had it cold from the fridge), but after that first bite, that’s the only way I want it! 💙

  18. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 91,170th!

  19. Maya Thompson says

    That was a really bad peeler

  20. michaela rae says go check this out u will not regret it

  21. EMILY WANG says

    Why would I want to slow cook applesauce???

  22. Djalu Yudhistira says

    If you're going to make a Dairy-free cake and you can't find an applesauce at store, you can make your own applesauce with or without slow cooker !

  23. Sha&Shan DIY says

    Omg, we definitely have to make this! 💖

  24. Kamil D says

    Did yall steal this from Foodwishes Channel???

  25. TYML says

    Thank you. I needed this😊

  26. Taste Of Pakistan In Greece says

    Great Recipe😻

  27. Azoreanprincesa faith says


  28. Cooking For The Curious says

    OOoooo Tasty indeed 😛

  29. Natalie Ngonela says

    0:32 I will forever be traumatised and disturbed at the fact that that apple wasn't picked up and put in the pressure cooker. It's just gonna chill there. And I can't do anything about it.

  30. erlich says

    stolen from food wishes.

  31. Nahian Khan says


  32. Keju Lemon says

    Oh look, ten millions subscriber

  33. Parvez Khan says

    Hindi to English click here: #learnwithwaseem

  34. Tjin-Kon-Foek Marcia says

    To much effort … sorry but still it looks delicious

  35. Raxi says

    Congrats on 10m!

  36. Cleocatra says

    Do u need to peel the apples

  37. Aryan Kuckian says

    Never had applesauce. ..

  38. Hajo Fionah says

    what's the difference between apple sauce and apple butter?

  39. Putra Baskoro says

    That's so much APPLES to be honest.

  40. Mark Goff says

    Apple butter on ice cream?!? Genius!!!

  41. Healthy Food Kitchen says


  42. Nícolas Magioli says

    Cook: 4 hours
    Me: No.

  43. Simran's Cookery Show says


  44. Nisha Gohel says


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