Slow-Cooker Matzo Ball Soup

Slow-Cooker Matzo Ball Soup
FULL RECIPE: Here is what you’ll need! SLOW-COOKER MATZO BALL SOUP Servings: 5-10 Ingredients …

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  1. TheTheatreQueen says

    My grandma’s recipe is still better.

  2. MiamiPush2theLimit says

    Wtf. I though matzo balls were just dumplings.

  3. ASMR queen! says

    anybody else notice how they could just use freaking kneidel mix ??? also those matzah balls were massive!

  4. Bithiah Brooks says

    big matzo ball (Seinfeld)

  5. Ora Solomons says

    What are you talking about… matzo balls?

    All I've ever had is keneidlach

  6. ilikeceral3 says

    I’m making this, it will be the first actual Jewish meal I’ve made in my life.

  7. Iso says

    i dont like having kids cook becasue they always picks their nose and ur getting bugers in ur food

  8. Rapture98 says

    meat lovers matza ball soup? ew

  9. cynthia g says

    DON'T DO THIS! when you drop in your matzo balls, they will completely fall apart and your soup will look like rice and soup. You need to make this on the stove with the soup slow boil so the matzo can congeal. I tried this and it was a mess. It tasted good, but there will be NO matzo balls, more like oatmeal in broth.

  10. Exotic_Sushi 019 says


  11. Val Elliott says

    And us non Jews too. Yummmy

  12. Nasee Ma says

    Matzo it mean what's ?

  13. iAmDestroyer says

    I did Nazi that one coming

  14. D.pooman GuptA says

    i am eating egg

  15. Alicia Huynh says

    i love this soup i never that before

  16. moonshiro says

    This is soooo not how you make matzo balls… or chicken soup for that matter

  17. Hosoeks Snakeu says

    I love matzo ball soup!

  18. Vandana Khadtare says

    The chicken breast look really soft

  19. Maddie says

    I make my matzo balls way different. I don't cook then in the broth, I put them in a separate pot

  20. RØ S E S says

    When I was sick at universal studios Hollywood the matza soup I had was soooooo good

  21. Belle Kinney Winick says

    real matzo ball soup is just a matzo ball the broth and dill

  22. BimBam says

    We are working on something related to this video over on our channel…want to collab? Drop us a note sarah @

  23. JhudielTheOne says


  24. elsa1942 says

    It's almost like chicken and dumplings :3

  25. Denise Huey says


  26. Hitmonbug says

    0:11 one bayleaf.
    i need to evolve my chikorita

  27. Zekrom YT says

    Why are all the Jews saying YASSSSSS? I mean is this traditional? Just asking no hate! <3

  28. MWYANT19 says

    i wish everyone would stop acting like its so easy to shred chicken. its a effin pain in the ass

  29. Kgbhoneytits says

    Man I want Jewish food .-.

  30. Queen Stella says

    I love the little hands helping…

  31. DMC says

    Make it from scratch. Boil chicken for several hours, skim off the detritus, remove chicken. Boil carrot, onion, celery, parsley, parsley root for several hours, remove. Strain soup, use cheesecloth if desired. Builds more flavor.

    Add back the vegetables & Chicken if desired.

  32. T Black says

    nicely done

  33. Alexis Silaghi says

    we,romanians call them"galuste"

  34. galactic says

    this is sopa de albóndiga in Nicaragua

  35. Just a typical Youtuber says

    Looks like it tastes bland

  36. musyarofah1 says

    wow, a soup without heavy cream in it!

  37. YouTube Commenter says

    asian cuisine?

  38. Lily Vuong says

    Thank goodness they didn't use a gas stove to cook this meal!

  39. Queen of Thorns says

    Pretty accurate, except the chicken is supposed to be chicken legs, not breasts.

  40. avery says

    my dumb self thought that was cauliflower in the thumbnail

  41. ייהלי זיו שמר says

    חג שמח!!! Happy passover

  42. Lirio alada says

    Alguien me haga favor de decirme los ingredientes de la masa en español, lo agradecería mucho

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