Slow Cooker Short Ribs

Slow Cooker Short Ribs
Here is what you’ll need! Slow Cooker Short Ribs Serves 4 INGREDIENTS Spice Mix 1 cup BBQ sauce 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 …

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  1. Charlie Thomas says

    Very good meal

  2. Cupcake Swirl K says


  3. TheFamilyCat says

    Short and simple. Liking it !!

  4. Hevin Amber says

    i love these short, sweet and to the point cooking videos. just subscribed!

  5. Nick Nelson says

    Tasty recipe. I would half the cayenne pepper though.

  6. Nicole Buchanan says

    I tried this recipe and it turned out tasting really weird I think it was the sauce…

  7. Shar Kramer says

    I made this last night and had to cook the potatoes/carrots for 3 more hours.

  8. I can cook says

    wow. More slow cooker recipes!!!!pleas

  9. Cherry Hot says

    love the idea. except I'll use more bbq sauce and add rice to the meal.

  10. LE H says

    but… you didn't trim or season the green beans

  11. Emerson Soares says

    Oooh Yes!!

  12. jess says

    my fat ass thought the potatoes were gumballs, and the carrots were cheetos… fml

  13. Felicia Belinda says

    The veggies are gonna be bland af

  14. mister smith says

    Sear that meat in a skillet before you slow cook it. It will tast far better!



  16. Alabaresta says

    is a shame that I can't see this early… (yup my english is a shit😂😂😂😂😂)

  17. Jirosart says

    so.. basically american-style boeuf bourgignon?

  18. Lawrence Godsey says

    I love this! I like that they didn't brown the short ribs or the onion because that only adds additional flavor and color — GROSS!! And the processed vegetables weren't trimmed so they ensure you have to cook it so long that they are mushy and flavorless. Oh, and that sauce! Sugary processed BBQ sauce with — you guessed it! — extra sugar. And some jarring jarred spices to muddy everything further. Cook it forever and plop it onto a plate without finishing the sauce. Perfect. All we need now is a hamfist to mangle the meat and some pointless obnoxious frat-boy "OH YES" exclamation to turn off everyone who isn't 12 or a moron.

    Perfect video.

  19. Coaster Labs says

    (I know this an old meme or joke, but…)

  20. Rawrkitty 49 says

    Please go subscribe to Pinkcat04 she makes awesome videos!

  21. Yanira Romero says

    mmmmm me encanta

  22. Chestnutric3 says

    That "oh yes" came to early.

  23. Apex says

    Who else thought those baby potatoes were chocolate eggs 🙋🏻

  24. Catalyst says

    I feel like i'm the only one who found out about this channel from the "trending" section of youtube

  25. Giulio Valente says

    No! please stop with bbq sause!!!!!!

  26. Crafty Coin says

    Who the hell only makes 4 short ribs? They are like 80% fat, 20% meat. They are cheap too so buy a lot next time.

  27. fazeel ashraf says

    vegetarians must be losing their minds right now

  28. I'm super deppresed over a character's death. Maybe food porn will help?

  29. Feel Your Meal says

    Perfect dish man

  30. 餅屋 says


  31. Noah’s Life says

    Id probably make this without the green beans and chop up the onions and carrots

  32. carlos Wudup says

    Does every video you guys make have to have onions in them?

  33. Milk Sandwich says

    LMAO buzzfeed so dead they giving people regular ass recipies now!

  34. Chase says

    Who tf eats ribs with a knife and fork?

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