Small Boob Struggles

Small Boob Struggles
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  1. k c says

    having one smaller is super noticeable

  2. videostartutorials says

    why am I watching this? I have a binder on.

  3. Ava Rich says

    Why the heck am I hear I have a large chest lol

  4. Chiara Maria Inocencio says

    I want small boobs hahaha 😂 it aint fun to be busty

  5. LIM CHEN IE IVONNE (Student) says

    am i the only one who loves having small boobs than big boobs ?

    ok bye haha

  6. Rina Dani says

    My damn brother has bigger boobs than me.

  7. Tahrim Jafri says

    To all my sisters. Do guys prefer large breast? Mostly. But does it matter to them? No.
    Let's embrace our mosquito bites ladies!!

  8. Aaliyah Holland says

    I would LOVE to have small boobs bruh my back be hurting too much especially if I lay on my back

  9. Anonym Soul says

    0:36 but putting a phone in our bra, means the phone's radiation will be exposed to the breast, right? and if we put money, money is dirty, so bacteria will move to the breast😂

  10. IAmStrangeee says

    I'm 14 and I'm 36 b is that small?

  11. Exposed D says

    Me watching this video : relatable

  12. TatterCat says

    I don't get it.

  13. love yourself says

    Boob envy is a real thing 😂

  14. Aisha Akbar says

    Song name ?

  15. Malia says

    Can’t relate but all sizes are beautiful ❤️

  16. Chelsea Mercer says

    "accept what you were given." How about "accept what was taken from you". My small breasts are a result of weight loss. At 18 I was 180 lbs and a 36D. At 27 I am 110 lbs and a 34A. I get so upset because that was the one part of my body I was very happy with. I don't understand how breasts can shrink THAT much, I mean I lost 70 lbs (roughly) not 200! I feel like a freak sometimes. It would be easier for me to accept my body if I had always been an A cup. I miss my boobs so much.

  17. You Offended? says

    When you have decent size boobs but they make you look pregnant

  18. Pepper Spray says

    Why am I even watching this? I have 34DDD’s

  19. Kukuchanxia cuteee says

    I'm 36 c and trust me it's very hard

  20. besan translation says

    It's not easy to have bite one's 2

  21. mahekk 31 says

    Where my small boobs squad at!?

  22. The greatest Fox girl says

    so glad they finally made a video about SMALL BOOB problems

  23. Avery Noir says

    And busty girls have to pull their bra down. (They ride up./

  24. I’m a OTAKU says

    The bigger boobs u have the worst honest…

  25. clumsy_idiot_ says

    Quick story so in French we where writing everything in a class and I got partnered with a guy and we exchanged ideas later I needed some more words to translate into French I saw "boobs" 😅 it was not there when I first sat next to him

  26. Marcel Atto says

    The perfect size that is not small not big is a 36 c

  27. Yeah… Btw don't put your phone your bra… It causes cancer…

    Heck everything causes cancer these days -_-

  28. literally trash says

    Having a big chest is a lot worse though in my opinion

  29. Starie Chan says

    I'm 11 so I can't really complain about being an A cup

  30. Infamous says

    Well why this is recommended to me…. I … Don't have small boobs…

  31. Saeed Khalaf says

    What is the song please😪💃

  32. snow White says


  33. kpop is life says

    1:24love that shirt😂

  34. Maria Jose Fenton says

    I am a busty girl here! Lol 😂 and just so you know girls if you ever get
    “ boob envy” just remember we envy you every freaking day 😂😂

  35. Chicken Code says

    I’m a guy and Honestly big boobs r awesome and stuff and super hot but if u just have small boobs with at least something there it’s fine. Having a personality and a good face is good too.

  36. Rsp says

    Im good as long as my boyfriend likes my body😂 even though I hate it, i got someone else who appreciates my big boned, unproportional-self 😂

  37. Charlee Byrd says

    Why am I here I have DD

  38. Rustic Playz says

    Don't worry guys. girls with small boobs are good. Your closer to there heart.

  39. Andrea M says

    If that’s small, my chest must be concaving.

  40. Stefanie Lucu says

    I have a D cup and I am not big so I get back pain pain. I wish I was smaller on top because 1. The cutest bras are smaller, 2. No back pain. 3. If you wear lower cut tops, you look cute not scandalous 4. They stay perky forever.

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