SMART DIY CLOTHES HACKS AND IDEAS || Fashion Girly Hacks by 123 GO!

SMART DIY CLOTHES HACKS AND IDEAS || Fashion Girly Hacks by 123 GO!
You wear them every day. But sometimes they feel like your enemies more than your friends. Yep, we’re talking about clothes, people. But the next time a zipper …

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  1. twens stars says

    Who like vicky❤❤❤

  2. Adraino Cardona says

    Worst youtuber ever you suck

  3. yvette hannie says

    Please do not hacks!

  4. Mila Wojslaw says


  5. Diane Akansasira says

    I love Vekey how about you

  6. Sidharth Pushkarna says

    Kevin is very cute

  7. Nazriya Nasim says

    Who loves kevin?

  8. 123 go: You should put shampoo on you clothes
    ME: Oh HeLl nO

  9. Mustafa Suliman says

    The boots looked so not real but still a good life hack I mostly love watching life hacks it’s interesting to watch and I also love the fact that they make things FREE it is so fun I have used so many life hacks! Thank you so much for posting this! I will always support you!

  10. GodEmperor Diaramos says

    Vicky looks good in everything!!!!!!!

  11. heather smith says

    3:40 you can see her underwear

  12. Alvin Caster says

    Pls…every video we want vicky to be there and not bella and emily and may i request that make video about the make up and outfit challenge contest

  13. Barnali Chatterjee says

    Vicky, Jazz, Lily, lana,Bella, Sofia love you ☺☺☺🙂❤❤❤❤

  14. LAVISH ART says


  15. Xince Wong says

    No one is talking about Justin and his shirt

  16. Sharanya Srivastava says

    Please do a voice reveal video…
    Hit like if u agree with me ❤️

  17. norisha terry. says

    Vicky she has a braw and o saw hit it had my things like OMG BELLE

  18. Sophia Huynh says

    I like Nia and Amy and Vicky

  19. krishna bhajans Jindal says


  20. krishna bhajans Jindal says

    In winter you wear skirts???

  21. Anandareddy Abbireddy says

    You can make a packing hacks video right

  22. Maria Ibarra says

    Who likes that ugly girl

  23. Ahmed Scego says

    3:05 um, washer?

  24. kryzha chloie says


  25. {lil Gacha Lemon} says

    Congrats in 4M subs!!!

  26. Mariel Juarez says

    Do the 24 hrs wearing heels

  27. Lida K says


  28. Santosh Sethi says


  29. Creativecorns -crafts- says

    8:20 what if you like your long pants. Isn’t that why you got them??? And just wear tights when you work out. That’s why they are in the WORK OUT section of the store

  30. Hasher Amjad says

    We’re legings

  31. Hasher Amjad says

    Instead of fixing the long pants just

  32. Ayshah Shama says

    Luv dis channel😘

  33. Pascha Franklin says

    I can see her underwear

  34. Vicky looks so pretty

  35. Diamond Girls says

    I knew it Vicky will put socks into the heels and cut it 😂

  36. Tiffany Patalinghug says

    Vicky is showing off

  37. Cindy Sohn says


  38. Puyam Hema says

    Vicky 💜💜💜💜💜

  39. victoria Sankar says

    U guys are amazing💕😍

  40. sumipraku says

    Pls do travel hacks

  41. syeda saba says

    No one:

  42. Puyam Hema says

    Who loves Vicky , hit like! I love her too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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