Smartphone Awards 2019!

Smartphone Awards 2019!
The best of smartphones in 2019! Show more for all links/phones Top Big Phones [0:51] Best Compact Phones [2:50] Best Cameras [4:53] Best Battery Life …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Dhruv Arora says

    Laptop Awards!

  2. Now all these companies gonna use this award in advertisements

  3. Giulio_Rengucci says

    Apple fanboys had to be like Oh yeah Samsung s*ck my d*ck

  4. Google you should be ashamed of yourselves . Pixel 4 was such a let down, that's coming from a Pixel fan.😔 Looking forward to getting rid of my 2XL in 2020 with something amazing.

  5. Socrates Nicolaou says

    I was about to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro. BUT as I sat down and thought about spending $600 on a smartphone I settled for $180 128GB Xiaomi Mi A3. Yes the experience of a OnePlus phone is great. I loved my OnePlus X. But remember when OnePlus was a flagship killer at $300 which made it so popular?

  6. ViperOmen says

    I'm happy that my phone was even in this video although I'm not surprised because I own Samsung Galaxy S10e

  7. Transilvania Trap Squad says

    What about the Sony Xperia 1 or 5?

  8. Muia Muia says


  9. Natural Reecey says

    Samsung got a raw deal

  10. Junior Maker says

    Best budget phone is realme x2 pro…😔😔

  11. Jikhil Jikki says

    Samsung FTW

  12. tellio says

    Yes! Please review the mate 30 pro

  13. Killua Zoldyck says

    Sana All ❤

  14. David Olmedo says

    Lol the iPhone won a lot less rewards than Samsung. Take that isheeps

  15. Unidentified User says

    So this is the winner, but let me give you 5 honorable mentions… come on dude.

  16. Collins Lagat says

    Google has left the chat.

  17. Manandi says

    Shout out to all the companies this year. It was a really competitive year and many shined in different ways.
    Apple and Asus listened to what the people wanted.
    Oneplus kept up the amazing work from last year.
    Samsung made designs leaps with the fold and hole punch while not being the best at anything but constantly being mentioned.
    This year was also definitely the year of budget phones with redme, xamoiz Huawei and Samsung A series. Can't wait to see what next year stores. This competition is such a big win for consumers

  18. Kyei Justice says

    The production quality and skills employed in making this video is top notch 👍💯

  19. Joe Antony says

    Real me X2 pro is the best budget phone.

  20. HELL ON EARTH says

    Marques the best phone reviewer in the world, never let me down and always helps me choose my next mobile device. Merry Christmas Marques. 😊🎉🎈🎄

  21. Will Jones says

    How come the iPhone 6 isn’t on here. Been 5 years and this baby is still going strong

  22. Wil Smith says

    Galaxy note 10 still my favourite!!

  23. Vighnesh Tiwari says

    Where's Realme X?

  24. Mel O'Dauz says

    Call me crazy, but I think the most balanced and complete phone right now is the S10+

  25. Alberto Giavani says

    Samsung ftw

    Apple fuck u madafakas

  26. Brijraj Sinh says

    Oneplus 🔥❤️

  27. SPIDEY203 says

    Come on man, one plus 7t McLaren edition' design is just amazing!!

  28. Anurag Uke says

    Please make a 2020 Smartphone Predictions video!

  29. Mystic Gamer123 says

    I got my Huawei p30 for 280 quid on black Friday and it's the best phone for its price. Because of the tensions the price had dropped significantly

  30. Faisal Ekram says

    You missed realme x2 pro… This is the best flagship killer phone of 2019

  31. Vijit Chandna says

    i could guess almost all!! yaaay

  32. Ben G says

    Remember this is MKBHDs opinion

  33. daniel gray says

    You have no idea how happy this made me when I saw this in my feed marques…

  34. shrivardhan mishra says

    How much did that table cost?

  35. Akif Shaikh says

    I've been waiting for this.. also I bought OP7T after watching your review

  36. Me: Watching this on my One Plus 7 Pro
    MKBHD: "Smartphone of the year goes to the One Plus 7 Pro"
    Me: happiness noises

  37. Rowwhan Biswaaas says

    You haven't showed the OnePlus 7 pro MVP award trophy

  38. A J says

    One Plus 7T worst phone and OnePlus service and customer care are even worst.

  39. Kartikay Khosla says

    Mate 30 pro review already….

  40. Ziyad El Arroussi says

    Where's the Galaxy S10 ??

  41. Seyohn YT says

    What if smartphone awards would be on stage

  42. Mystic Gamer123 says

    Realme x2 Pro is the best value

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