Smartphone Camera Quality: Explained!

Smartphone Camera Quality: Explained!
Smartphone cameras are getting really good. But why? Video Gear I use: Casey Neistat’s test: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. John Patrick Soriano says

    2019? Anyone?

  2. Shantanu Singh dhiman says

    His body ages, his face and voice doesn't!!

  3. StorieAnimeManga says

    watching on 2160 p (4k)– { avalable on setting,,PC}
    on PC lol ( therefore camera he's using is great ,, ofcource video is about camra lol )

  4. Galactic Quasar says

    what about 2.0 now?

  5. SurprisesTO says

    You need to explain that for my friends lol

  6. Neelam Prajapati says

    It's time to come up with update video

  7. Solenoid says

    stating the obvious

  8. Teech says

    Can you make a video just like this but explaining phone specs and the importance. For example the processor what is the best feature to have in a gaming phone is it a snapdragon 855 chip and why is this chip so important. Why is the adreno Qualcomm 640 important. Things like that. I'm into gaming phones specifically online games using WiFi. What is the most important spec should I look for if I want zero lag and smooth frame rates?

  9. Gediminas says

    Less megapixels and bigger sensor is better. Good lens contains a lot of elements to correct distortions.

  10. Saad Mansoor says

    summery of the video: camera quality is highly Subjective.

  11. Damien Halliday says

    Excellent explanation! You should be a teacher. 🙂 Thanks

  12. Vensanga Khawlhring says

    F 2.0 or f 1.8 which is larger aperture, is the greater number larger?

  13. Hetrix 099 says

    Lol i have 0.2 mega pixles

  14. Smoosh says

    i front camera has 24 mega penises in the front and in the back i got 16

  15. Juraj Hezel says

    True… All of this…

    This begs the question… Wouldn't it be better if we as the consumers could alter the image processing chip in any way trough the camera app? So we could use different filters let's say from a pre defined sets of post processing applied to the image that the company might have and we could download from somewhere?
    Wonder how hard could that be… But no why would they do that…
    I know that for vast majority of the people such a setting would be useless but… Why not 🙂

  16. La Avidity says

    Buy a high mp phone and use a lightroom 😎

  17. Deku All for one says

    Huawei p20pro the best camera 😁

  18. tilkraj Ghanghas says

    jaa n english bimari

  19. Lebanese Crusader says

    20 mp f/2.0 or 16 mp f/1.8 which is better?

  20. vi zeath says

    I don't really care about how good or bad the cameras would be…. I mean, who will notice the pictures that I take anyway?

    But right now I'm considering between two phones….

    One of them, I like the design, I love it really really much, the cameras only have f/2.0 aperture,

    The other phone, it has 1.7 but I'm not a fan of the design

  21. Kamal El Hisse says

    2:16 hit or miss i guess you never miss huhh ?

  22. Vivek Sidar says

    there was once a phone known as Nokia 5x which has a 5megapixal rear camera allow us to see every tiny detail of the captured picture. im not sure if you guys really aware of that phone.
    till date no other phones camera has made like that not even a 50mp phone camera can bit that.
    that was the real power of Nokia.

  23. Siddhartha Narzary says

    Is there a shutter life for mobile cameras also? Because i feel my phone camera quality has gone down. Any tips to restore the quality?

  24. Alaboson Ceejay says

    Damn you are such an amazing teacher

  25. Ritchel Sugoran says

    3:41 unbox therapy 🤣🤣🤣

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