Soft Girl Transforms Into An E-Girl

Soft Girl Transforms Into An E-Girl
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  1. Stella McLeod says

    she looks like the actress who plays karen in the mean girls broadway musical

  2. auto grande says

    back to school greetings

  3. Moira Don't says

    Where's the excessive blush?
    shakes head in e-girl

  4. ragu varan says

    I thought they selling girl online now so only they are called "e-girl"

  5. Abby Powell says

    Can she please show us how she tied her shoes at the toe? Genuinely interested.

  6. Yasmin Gonzalez says

    I feel like, for her, they should have gone without the glasses and wig. It wouldn't have been as much of a drastic change and she would have felt more comfortable and like herself

  7. Valerie Lyon says

    I think you should've worn a shirt that shows the collar a little better and probably a darker lip.

  8. Jaime N says

    Please stop. These people r wayy to old for this

  9. TheNinamely says


  10. Max Leong says

    why do they still think E-girl means emo? as if E stands for emo 😓 honestly, kelsey is sort of an E-girl in her day job. but her soft pastel appearance doesn't match to E-girl's persona. take Overwatch's D.Va; that fits the whole aesthetic for it. not that E-girl have set in stone looks, but it gives a lot of cyberpunk to resembling emo appearance with the touch of hardcore gaming personality.

  11. Peipei Ji says

    Minus the wig, I like the outfit almost entirely

  12. Jordan Alexander says

    This is what happens when older 20 somethings see til-tok for the first time lol. This is coming from one of those 20 somethings haha

  13. Kahela says

    How is that an egirl? Do they think e stands for emo I'm so confused.

  14. living soullesssoul says

    E-girls and e- guys have to do with people who go online and play videogames…. Not being emo or scene… I'm emo and being emo or scene has nothing to do with being an e-girl or e-boy…

  15. Melissa Cara says

    LOL Kelsey is way too cheerful for an e-girl! Very cute though!

  16. XxLovelyLillyCutie Cutie says

    Who is a Vsco girl

  17. Richard Gibbs says

    egirls run with purple or green hair. black is a decade out of fashion lez b reel

  18. Selene says

    she looks so much better and much more interesting visually in an alternative style!

    also, e-girl? lol isn't emo/scene/alt enough? 😛

  19. Fried Tempura says

    I feel like the hair just didn’t match your face. Your natural hair would’ve been fine with fake bangs

  20. Veronica Z says

    Good Choice on names! 😉

  21. akua baryeh says

    They should’ve gotten an actual e-girl to dress her that looks terrible

  22. Leigh Davis says

    I think that the outfit would have been kinda cute if she took off the bad wig, glasses, collar and hearts. Bangs and dark hair are really not for her. I think if she had put on a short wavy grey wig maybe it would have been better.

  23. em says

    every buzzfeed channel died lmao

  24. Molly Arieanna says

    Omg y’all dat me.. @mollyarieanna !! Check me out on IG ❤️

  25. bri says

    i wish they would stop trying to act super trendy. buzzfeed employees are millennials for the most part, so they should like stop trying to transform themselves into the younger generation. of course people can dress however they want, but like with the ladylike video with the wigs and stuff, it looks like a costume. mY cuLTuRe iS NOt yOuR coStUMe

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