Sony RX100 IV Review: Pocket 4K!

Sony RX100 IV Review: Pocket 4K!
The best pocket camera ever made, now with 4K video! Shot on the RX100 4: RX100 IV: RX100 MKIII: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Sachin Poly says

    You should review rx100 mvii

  2. Mr 2nd says

    Man you look young here. Crazy what 4 years can do

  3. SpArTaCuS-93N-L says

    Hello there i have seen there is no bluetooth and touchscreen are those things not important and why do have camera.s wifi and nfc ?

  4. Yashar H. Naman says

    And WHICH ONE is the best YouTube camera??

  5. Yashar H. Naman says

    Hei man, Yashar writing you from Norway.
    I know that you usually don't reply on comments but do you know if this camera has an external microphone input?? I look forward to your feedback. Thanks for a great video, keep up the great work! 👏 😊

  6. Goober and Buddy says

    Anyone here from 2019?

  7. Verbs describe us says

    i love it 🙂

  8. Rakibul Islam Borkan says

    Which camera you were using to shoot th8s video?

  9. Jessibel decardi says

    which is better apple iphone or rx100

  10. Mihai Alex says

    Hello, I need some help/guidance/advice.

    Could you please suggest a poin and shoot/compact camera that can achieve a bokeh effect? My interes is to have a bokeh effect for a big object-car/people, not in macro photography.

    I have a Sony RX100 …did not achieve until today a bokeh effect.

    If there is no such a decent option on a compact camera, please suggest a camera and lens easy to do pictures with bokeh. ( not a 200$ gear, i’m not a pro).

    Searched online info…hard to find an answer, that’s why I ask a practician, a person who uses every day a camera and can give me an advice.

  11. Fella says

    Thanks for the video! Which camera would you then recommend to start a Youtube channel and to vlog while making 4k videos, and with a reasonable price!

  12. shapeshfters says

    That time restriction makes me sad.

  13. Walymandias says

    could you reveiw the mk5

  14. Zack Butler says

    gives up too much for the form factor

  15. KAM HUNCHOO says

    Can you change the lens?

  16. Moossy The Doc says

    So frustrating that the new mark VI STILL doesn't have an audio input :@

  17. Chrispy Lyfe says

    Who here is still using the mkiv!

  18. Lucky Never says

    Rx100vi. Still no mic in and still overheat lol

  19. Inkognito Modus says

    Mark VI rewiev!

  20. eatthesixx says

    Are you going to do a review of the V

  21. Shaffan Mumtaz says

    Mark 5?

  22. Freeman Bismarck says

    it does not work with iphone the NFC

  23. RII Music says

    I’m scared of his hands 🙁 they r too big

  24. Kaito Hamada says

    Ok, so i'm new at photography and is this still worth it buying in 2018? And for beginers?

  25. Sujith Penubothu says

    Why I got this video in 20 18 😢

  26. THE faulenZer says

    The footige is Good, but i have a little sand under the ring and it felt ones. It broke a bit on the left upper corner, Screen side, were the viewfinder is. AND i can move the middle ring of the objective… it is working well but everything is so tiny, that it is Breaking faster than… yeay. Be careful, better😅

  27. Awla videos says

    Hello Canon you ok bro

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