Sony Xperia Z1 Review!

Sony Xperia Z1 Review!
A brand new, tuned up Sony Xperia Flagship! Sony Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 Camera Shots: Sony Xperia Z Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. vedant rocks says

    I m disapointed with this phone

  2. Vanafsos Sfigokolarios says

    This video aged terribly, I guess sony does not pay enough

  3. alexelmanco 34 says

    I got one for 5 euros, I can't complain.

  4. aryan shahi says

    Used to own this 🙁

  5. jamayrian says

    I just got the Xperia 1 and señor mkbhd you should review this device its very nice and has more to offer when compared to other devices you did some work on… So why not this one?

  6. Anees-Ahmad Jaffer says

    Hey could you do a review on the xperia 1 when it comes out. I think it would be worth reviewing, seeing they're refreshing a lot of their design with it

  7. Bikalpa Ranjan Sahoo says

    my first android phone 😍😍

  8. Pingu Noot Noot says

    2019 anyone ?

  9. Trevano Morgan says

    Make new Xperia videos in 2019, stop the hate.

  10. Sultan H BD says

    Pleaae i want you share. Sony xperia 1 2019 video upload

  11. Nishith Vijaydhar says

    Anyone in 2019 😂

  12. Steve080501 says

    01:57 so ironic huh

  13. Chi Dung Nguyen Duy says

    is it worth getting z1 now?

  14. Sai Yagnesh CH says

    Why don’t you do Xperia phone reviews anymore?

  15. Kristoffer Varas says

    2013: Who needs water resistance? booo
    2016: Google pixel 1 doesnt have water resistance booo

  16. Boris Atanasov says


  17. Andrive says

    still gonna buy this nowadays

  18. reddeadlegend says

    "Does anyone really need water proofing in a phone" 2018 it's a standard feature so fuck yes

  19. Gadget Baba says

    This is Amazing

  20. alexdiezg says

    2013: Does anyone even need IP54 dust and water resistance in a phone?
    2017: Every phone must have at least IP67 dust and water resistance!

  21. RMNSTRD says

    Please MKBHD start reviewing Sony phones in 2018 please!!!

  22. Abhijith Balakrishnan says

    Lol my first smart phone 😁

  23. Fuck You You says

    Its the best phone all you is a cheap screenprotector and a phone case and ou don't need to worry about dropping it anymore no reason to ever complain about a glass phone when these days it's $5 for a good phone case …

  24. sad dam says

    Ahh. My first smartphone :")

  25. RAJESH KUMAR says

    It's a rare sight to view mkbhd to review xperia phone

  26. Alex De La Rosa says

    funny how here you complained about phones being waterproof and no one needing them, yet now you complain when phones aren't waterproof. How ironic

  27. Takeeda's Fantasy says

    When he used to review Sony phones. Wtf happened?!

  28. Kyle Alexander says

    Consider this. 4 years later and IP certification is a big feature in smartphones nowadays. I really think it's unfair that such a useful feature was treated with contempt back in the day. 🙁

  29. Aleksandar says

    Damn man, i still use this phone.

  30. Wildan Dany says

    Does xperia z1 sjpport 4g connection?

  31. nikolas adm says

    can you do a comparison with the s7 ?

  32. DEXTER says

    i am using this phone since 2014 jan..but before few months it causing alot of problems… battery backup is seriously horrible gone on an average 1 % in 1 minute when using…. just now it gone switch off from 62%… please never buy sony phones they are not real phones just for good looking phone ….. heating problem, battery issue, cheap build quality side ports , back cover…. serioulsy i wasted my 600 usd on this crap.. it works fine for some times may be 6-7 months then it will gone ill

  33. NIT PRAKASH says

    Hey MKBHD can you please do a review on Z2 with marshmallow and please explain how to get into recovery mode in Z2.

  34. Stewie Griffin says

    I like the display. Alteast it gives you more privacy, when sitting around others.

  35. Aníbal Évora says

    and then, some time latter, a certain "S" brand does exactly the same thing in regards to construction and ingress protection and it is now all the rage.. tsc tsc.. what's next? frosted back glass? or better still.. when this "S" brand starts to use the super/over sampling of high megapixel sensors on their phones, than that will be the next big thing when the pixel size wars becomes dull?
    i guess thinking ahead of times doesn't really do any good if you are not ahead of the pack…
    marketing does indeed brainwash people…!

  36. aditya madhwani says

    should i buy this for 150$…?

  37. Dream says

    is the screen that bad ? I mean,colors look washed out or something ? right now I have a phone with IPS display 720p…will the screen on xperia z1 be worser ?

  38. Bruce Wayne says

    Review the Z5 series. They are coming next month!

  39. Farm Lander says

    You can actually remove the Sony screen protector but it removes the Sony logo at the top of the phone

  40. Suleiman Mookith says

    why people will look at their phone from these angels!!

  41. Marcello Capone says

    Thanks for the review mate. I just got this very phone as a hand-me-down from my brother and I'm getting to grips with it. I'm not a phone enthusiast or anything but it's about time I got one of those smartphones.

  42. ViktorHD says

    Waiting for that Z5p review 😀

  43. Matthias Moraci says

    You are Obama ?

  44. DEAN23 says

    I'm having mines imported from China at £125.99, and I can't wait, cos I can't stand the sight of the M2 anymore, especially since I updated it to 5.1.1 tch…..

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