Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!
A 4K smartphone! Full-size macros: Carbon fiber skin: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Raden Iis Aisha Kusumawardhani says

    Hello, do you know what is the dimension of the screen capture image on SONY Xperia Z5 Premium? Is it 4k (2160×3840 pixels) or another?

    Please tell me. I want to buy that smartphone. If not, I have another smartphone choice.

  2. legion says

    2015 was the last year you covered a Sony phone??? seriously??

  3. Everything Videos says

    I surely wouldn't buy this in 2019 looks out dated!

  4. killer 222 says

    4.1 k comments

  5. Ronik Agarwal says

    2019 still no 4k phones from other brands.

  6. Mattheus • 16 years ago says

    4 years later and the iphone xr has a way worse display

  7. Dicreest Gamer says

    But they couldnt do it for the ps4 pro

  8. Trigger Happy says

    Should of tried VR for it….

  9. Weird Kid Films says

    Imagine this with one plus’ 90 hertz display

  10. Tiger Gray says

    Sd 810 lags a lot I wish they went with 820 it's much smoother

  11. BTS ARMY says

    Watching this of my Xperia z5 premium tho 😂 it's almost 3 yrs.i brought this phone and everything is still working great even the battery… Ilove much this phone ❤

  12. Canada Fx says

    cries in 480p

  13. Hakan Akbulut says

    Is that a Halo shirt?

  14. Mahmood Shuvo says

    love SONY and my legendery brother Marques,,,,,

  15. Isketch says

    We can change our resolution by using cmd isn't?

  16. Ms Iam Everythang says

    I found it! I want one of these phones even though its old now, I'm a total Sony lover, however not to many carriers here in my state have them. I wish T-Mobile carried it, bur they don't.

  17. Victor P. says

    You can buy a new one on ebay for like $175

  18. Pingu Noot Noot says

    Please make a Video of the new sony smartphone

  19. Gino Peñaflor says

    what a rubbish phone

  20. Theobose says

    I'm watching this on 240p

  21. Sam B says

    Can you stop being ignorant and review the Xperia 1. Or you won't do it cause sony doesn't pay you? Lol always on samsung and apples ** as usual, not surprising.

  22. ViktorHD says

    Haha, 2019 and still Sony is the only one with 4K displays.. XZ premium, XZ 2 premium..

  23. Razer Blade says

    4k which looks worse than s7 screen weird 😀

  24. AlonellyFox says

    Would YouTube play 4k videos on this?

  25. Bhav L says

    2019 and still no 4K display smartphones…

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