Space Gray Tesla Model S Wrap!

Space Gray Tesla Model S Wrap!
Shot on iPhone X and iPhone 8 over a couple of days. Colors: Satin Dark Grey S261 body and Satin Black S12. Shout-out to: Video …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. SourStrawberrys says

    Why blur out licence plate when you already showed licence plate in clip right before it?

  2. Jared thrash says

    So how long does this stuff last??

  3. Justin Bergeron says


  4. Tomass Osmanis says

    Why is no one talking a bout that truck with written” it’s as easy as 1 2 3 “when mkbhd talked about wrap 1:27

  5. doherpa says

    Looks sick!

  6. Ryan Lestage says

    Does your wrap affect autopilot or the sensors?

  7. michael vinluan says


  8. Skylar Parks says

    Does the wrap not render the ultrasonic sensors inoperative?

  9. Gaurav Saini says

    I gonna buy Tesla car soon😍😍

  10. Sebastian Sefyu says

    Looks great mate. I like pearl white and stay away from dark colors but this color looks sick. Very nice choice and great job on wrap. What was the cost of the wrap?

  11. abhimanyu prasad says

    Front plate?

  12. renandroid75 says


  13. Zachary Ruth says

    Apollo ain't got autopilot 2.0?

  14. Renegade Nielsen says

    Holy shit that looks amazing

  15. 21sT CENTURY says

    Is this illegal ???

  16. Blake Killam says

    Bruh some 5%tint on the windows and smoked headlights and tail lights on that car would make it look so much better. Like if you agree.

  17. Drew Dude says

    1:25 the truck driver lol

  18. Omair Almulla says

    Oh yeah Yeah

  19. Askejm says

    Did anyone notice the guy waving at 1:24

  20. Ron Figueroa says

    How much did this cost you Marques?

  21. Rub3n says

    This looks STUNNING!!!

  22. datSweetSorelle says

    Am considering purchasing a model S this year. Can you tell how much was wrapping it? because I ll probably wrap it .. the colours offered by Tesla are questionable.

  23. datSweetSorelle says

    This looks better than the original color 🤔

  24. KTM says

    Wrapped car with stock rims = just wrong

  25. X - Hurricanesfan 37! says

    That is so beautiful I literally have no words for it!!! It looks so sick!!! Can’t wait to get one!!!!

  26. Wiktor Grotek says


  27. Paulokun7 says

    Looks great. How much does a wrap like that cost?

  28. Myron van Duyne says

    Thanks Bro! Was thinking about how I wanna wrap my model S also…but now im 100% that it's gonna be a replica of yours! Thanks for the video

  29. Bhawani Nandan says

    PLEASE 🙏ELON MUSK ,,, When Will Come In INDIA…….I Love This Car At Alll

  30. Zenurik says

    God damn this man knows how to pick music for showcases

  31. tony tromp says

    I am getting mine this Wednesday 😉 woooohoooo!!!

  32. Mike Kobb says

    That's one of the nicest wrap colors I've seen.

  33. Samuel Harris says


  34. zŸungJ says

    I subed

  35. Rizki Rahman says

    Is the audio directly recorded from the phone? It's surprisingly clear

  36. TheAnial8r says

    You could say that the wrap is "PHENOMENAL" 3:02

  37. Raj says

    Apollo got rekt rip

  38. SimpleTV says

    not its crashed

  39. max factor says

    it is not about protection, it is about your ass being itchy

  40. Lane Salbacka says

    How have autopilot and adaptive cruise control been working? Putting a wrap over the front bumper like that can change the effectiveness of the radar. Those bumpers were specially made to be radar transparent, using a wrap can sometimes ruin the radar transparency of the front bumper and cause false object detection or keep the system from working at all.

  41. knowledge share says

    MUSIC is shit and ruins the video.

  42. 2SaucyUtuber Vlogs says

    Basically my dads car without the cool wrap.

  43. Josh L says

    I want a car to be a car with a real engine, with those awesome engine revving sounds, with some gears and a clutch. Not a boring car like an iPhone.

  44. skytreads says

    Top color

  45. Kei says

    와 개쩐다!

  46. Lex Remillard says

    that looks amazing!!!

  47. Te' says


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