Spaghetti Pie

Spaghetti Pie
Here is what you’ll need! SPAGHETTI PIE INGREDIENTS Pasta Crust 4 ounces angel hair (broken in half 2 times) 2 cloves garlic minced 2 tablespoons butter 1 …

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  1. Vini Joshii says

    Why am I watching this I'm a vegetarian.

  2. Jeffrey Richardson says

    lauries little death
    a curse to big brother jeff
    doug was never deaf

  3. le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins says

    dude its just lasagna

  4. Physiology Shark says

    365 *TRIGGERED!!!* Italians disliked 'cuz you broke the pasta

  5. Tobi Makkura says

    There's no way in fucking hell I'll ever make this. Not cause it looks bad, but would anyone else ACTUALLY try this right now?

  6. The all powerful Meme Man says

    What is this shit

  7. Wild Lost Land says

    dont try this
    its bad

  8. it is i sari says

    Technically, it’s angel hair pie not spaghetti pie.

  9. Sally Animations Yay says

    This looks delicious that if a place was selling it I would eat there for my 12 meals a day

  10. Inkitty Toony says

    Ok, i made a mistake not believing people saying that you're running out of ideas

  11. Dusk Bringer says

    I love ricotta, but that seems to be a bit too much on that small piece of pie

  12. Dani Undertale says

    Nyeh heh heh

  13. Masuma Chowdhury says

    8 ounces =1 pound of ground beef

  14. Nicole Francoeur says

    Foolz. I knew it was ricotta… XD

  15. Pillarman Panda says

    Umm..Wouldn't this just be basically lasagna?

  16. Chad Gibbs says


  17. Wasan Alhamadi says


  18. Makomenos says

    Dio onnipotente…

  19. Fluffy Monster says

    Anyone else who thinks Tasty is creative?

  20. Champ U says

    They should rename the channel to cheesy.

  21. Pooja Varma says

    too much cheese

  22. Isabella Redblut says

    Who else thought in the thumbnail the ricotta was ice cream

  23. Daddy says

    so really just lAsAgA

  24. Trixani Felix says

    The thumbnail looked like it had ice cream on it!!

  25. Blythe Collins says

    why tho

  26. Rebecca Anne says

    I made this tonight and overall, it's pretty good. I made it healthier by using low-fat ricotta, turkey instead of ground beef, and no-sodium-added tomato sauce and paste and added a little sea salt to the red sauce. This would be a good recipe to use leftover homemade spaghetti sauce with. I love ricotta, but the recipe has enough in it, no need to add the scoop at the end.

  27. Abaigeal Hibbard says

    Ricotta is ok in small amounts but that much is just awful

  28. Julius Witherspoon says

    Spaghetti pie. Pssshhh! What a disgusting dish

  29. SHOOKEN says

    Do a dollop of Daisy

  30. Nicholas DiBari says

    made with Angel Hair…

  31. Dave Jones says

    WTF is with all the "white people food" comments? I mean, I realize idiots leave these comments fairly often, but why on this video??? Like a black person would never cook/eat something like this?

  32. Lil Bumblebee says

    Imagine…Papyrus and Toriel making this…it would be amazing…

  33. itsjo. says

    You monsters, breaking whole pasta

  34. Mars Parker says

    Ew i dont like how they added all that ricotta on that pie

  35. r3dv3lv3tc4k3 says

    do you need that much bread crumb??

  36. Ivy H says

    I thought the thing on it was icecream

  37. Graeme Taylor says

    this ain't no pasketti pie. pasketti is long and suckable. this ain't that.

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