Spinach Pesto Pasta

Spinach Pesto Pasta
Here is what you’ll need! SPINACH PESTO Servings: 2 cups INGREDIENTS Pesto 4 cups spinach ½ cup walnuts 4 garlic cloves ¼ cup parmesan cheese ½ …

Source Tasty
  1. Albert Wesker says

    That chicken wasn't even fucking cooked properly

  2. Neysa Almeida says

    Made it without the chicken… …(.cause I didn't have chicken).. anyway,Surprisingly delicious… loved it

  3. Jasmine Duzong says

    I use fat free cream cheese instead of olive oil.

  4. Capi Dano says

    Did this at the fire hall last night and it came out perfect ! Thanks so much for the simple yet flavourful recipe (added BBQ' sausage and cayenne pepper for some heat)

  5. Margaret Leonard says

    I just got one of those huge Costco bags of spinach that was left over from a party my mom was throwing. I have a food processor and most of the ingredients, so I am making this and freezing it for later! Thanks, Tasty/Buzzfeed!

  6. muscleandmath says

    how much spinach should I take if I want to make a meal just for one person (myself)? using about 100g of spaghetti. nothing else. just pesto

  7. CinemaFan777 says

    chicken was pink on the inside. Tasty, you served raw chicken!!!

  8. Laichi says


  9. roberta62 says

    Looks good! Does it make a difference if you remove the walnuts when processing. for some one whose allergic to nuts

  10. mca90 says

    i just made this. pretty gross but at least its healthy. im gonna stick to tomato sauce.

  11. Valentina Sacchetti says

    che schifo

  12. imaginarylies says

    tried it and tasted like grass 😑 I like spinach but not good for this dish…. in my opinion, of course

  13. Clara M says

    Does anybody know a good replacement for the cheese? I can't have dairy, but I love basil pesto 🙂

  14. Ayako G says

    the whole point of pesto is the basil……

  15. Guardians Creed says

    made it…Loved it…I accidentally bought way too much Ingredients . what else can we make with this pesto??

  16. Bahar Irmak says

    It looks healthy but i know it's not.

  17. Fannish Fanning says

    I have a feeling this is gonna be so bland. oh well. food.

  18. Jonathan Gibbs says


  19. Ilafi Rani says

    Is it just me or the chicken look dry af?

  20. Gump Wumper says

    this is a fucking disgrace… you cannot make a pesto sauce without basil

  21. aulia kim says

    hey i live in a country where it's quite hard to find walnuts. can u tell me what can I change the walnuts with? or maybe can i make it without walnuts?

  22. niels kloppenburg says

    omg! no marcos amparo!!!=D

  23. Sochy _ says

    My love for pasta is unexplainable 😍🍝

  24. Bella Clark says

    I thought it was bread in the thumbnail

  25. oliver wan says

    Tasty + Pesto Forever

  26. Bronana Rival says


  27. catalina oliva says

    pesto is made with basil, it isn't pesto if it's made with spinach

  28. Megs Melody says

    I actually made this (but I seasoned the chicken and didn't use walnuts due to allergies) and it's really good!

  29. John Smith says

    I feel like pesto should have basil in it…

  30. julie perez says

    I never seen pesto sauce made with walnuts, usually made with pine nuts. I winder how this tastes

  31. jiannijoelle ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    Potato 🥔

  32. Jirosart says

    @ppl who complain about the lack of seasoning: pesto in itself is very flavourful but is easily overpowered by other spices like cumin or paprika

  33. Mr Sarcasm says

    Roses are red, violets are blue, you thought this was vegan and I did too.

  34. Amacrus says

    No pesto?

  35. robbo says

    looks like it tastes bland

  36. Rowida Zaid says

    Needs more chicken. I'd say 3 chicken breasts at least.

  37. UseYourActive - Guides says

    dude im going to vomit if you release something else like this

  38. Ichigo Senpai says

    Yes only season one side of the chicken with just salt and pepper that's how chicken should be cooked

  39. Prathyush J. says

    Im vegan

  40. angrymannumber1 says

    I feel like Tasty has made this same dish 5,000 times before.

  41. Shaina Bracha says

    When will anything be Kosher?!?!

  42. Jennifer Horton says

    Love this! Such a great way to get in some veggies 🙂

  43. h a n n a h says

    Ooh this looks tasty 😍 Maybe I'll try making it without the chicken. It would be nice if this channel posted more vegetarian/vegan recipes 🌿

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